Benny Hinn and why i believe in heckling

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.Televangelist Benny Hinn -- Heckled at Airport ... 'World's Greatest Scammer' - Watch More Celebrity Videos or SubscribeThis is Benny Hinn being heckled at the airport. You can read a full account HERE. The heckler said, "World's greatest scammer, Benny Hinn." I personally know people who have worked for Hinn. I was also in on a couple of meetings involved with organizing a Benny Hinn crusade. So I suspect the heckler is … [Read more...]

why abusive pastors like Standridge will always find pulpits

Trigger warning: this 5 minutes video is spiritual abuse at its finest:First of all... yes, this is abuse.He shames people publicly. He exalts himself over the other person. He enlists God as justification for what he does. He says he loves you while hurting you. He threatens if we don't agree that he loves us. He points his finger at you and yells. He commands obedience. He uses physical touch to augment what he's saying. He jokes about you to other people as if … [Read more...]

this post is all about sex and masturbation

Of course we know Jesus didn't masturbate because he didn't have a penis. That part about him being circumcised was just a Jewish gloss because God is nothing so why would he become a Jew?I remember the shock I felt when a bible college professor posed the question, "Did Jesus go to the bathroom?" I was shocked because we all know Jesus didn't have a bum because God doesn't have a bum. Jesus didn't need a bum because he ate so perfectly, so purely, so cleanly, that he produced no waste. God … [Read more...]

my interview on sexuality with Claremont Journal of Religion

I was interviewed by The Claremont Journal of Religion concerning sexuality, gender, LGBT, etcetera. I found it very engaging, and I hope it gives you, my readers, a better idea of where I stand on these issues.Here's an excerpt: "This  is  the  problem:  no  matter  how  open,  accepting  and  caring  religious  organizations  are  towards  marginalized  groups,  if  these  feelings  don't  translate  into  policy  then  it's  empty  speech.  It  means  absolutely  nothing.  As  some  young … [Read more...]

the kind of faith that moves real mountains

This is a true story!An east Indian, Dashrath Manjhi, lost his wife to illness when the nearest doctor could not reach them on time. The only way for the doctor in the nearest town could attend the people of Dashrath's village was to travel around a mountain range, a distance of 75 kilometers.So to make sure this didn't happen again, Dashrath carved a road through the mountain. He did it with his own bare hands, working night and day for 22 years! He cut the distance down to 1 … [Read more...]

still alive between theism and atheism

I wrote this meditation for The Lasting Supper, and it's been stuck in my craw ever since. So I felt I should share it with you.While I was walking my dog this morning in the warm sunlit air along the river I was thinking about how what I call the z-theory is basically trinitarian in structure. I'm trying to articulate this theory because it helps me understand why I can be a Christian and an Atheist at the same time. I get an email or message or tweet at least daily from someone urging me … [Read more...]

yes there is beauty

You see this tree, how beautiful he is. He is very tall and stands in a nearby forest. I've looked at him many many times. But I just notice him recently.Why did I just notice this tree? I don't really know, but I love him and think he is so beautiful. He is not perfect. There are broken branches everywhere, and he is sparse here and there. He is top-heavy. But he is uniquely beautiful just as he is! I imagined him saying that he needed me to draw him. I felt like drawing him. So I did, with … [Read more...]

welcome to The Lasting Supper podcast

Yes! I've launched The Lasting Supper Podcast! Basically, the content is me interviewing members of The Lasting Supper online community, as well as others who are interested in spiritual freedom and independence.Many of the members have agreed to make their interviews publicly available. But many of the podcasts will be private for members only because of the sensitive information that members share. So if you want to get the whole range of interviews and actually connect with these people, … [Read more...]

atheists shouldn’t trust their feelings

So why do people with religious experiences assert that their feelings of God's presence are valid and believable, but when another person who has never experienced God admits this, they are told that they shouldn't trust their feelings, the implication being that their feelings are lying to them about the reality of God's existence and personal presence in their lives?I'm intimately familiar with this line of reasoning. I used it.There is no proof of God. For some reason I've always … [Read more...]

come on church you’re moving too slow

I applaud churches who are breaking out of their shells and affecting change in the world. May their numbers increase!But I predict someone is going to raise the objection that it was the tortoise that won the race. But that's a different analogy. That's about patiently heading towards a desired goal. The tortoise wants to get there.This is something else. This analogy is about resisting movement towards justice and equality for all. The church doesn't want to get there.The fact that … [Read more...]