10 reasons to be afraid of atheists

Here are ten reasons to be afraid of atheists:There are some pretty nasty atheists that even seem dangerous. I don't know any personally, but I have met some online that I'm glad are at arm's length. There are some atheists who are just rude and won't respect but attack your beliefs or rationale, which can make conversing with them very uncomfortable and confrontational. There are some atheists who, because they are atheists, are by your standards going to Hell and are therefore, by … [Read more...]

Can Atheists Be Good People Too?

I remember in my Baptist, Pentecostal and Vineyard days being taught that atheists were bad people going to hell. Then I met some.Later in life I became acquainted with my own inner atheist. He's a fast grower. And he's a really nice guy.In the early days though, if we Christians met, say, the unsaved husband of a saved woman and he was really gifted or something, we were taught that deep down he was a Christian in the making, that God had his hand on him and was preparing to save him, … [Read more...]

how much carpet does Sovereign Grace Ministries have?

(***TRIGGER WARNING: sexual abuse***)I have just one simple question:Why is the church the biggest offender of covering up sexual abuse?Sovereign Grace Ministries has so far successfully loopholed itself out many serious charges of sexual abuse and coverups.Other church leaders step in to lend their support of the ministry and defend the judge's decision to dismiss the cases.Read Rachel Held Evans' post in support of the victims.The Roman Catholic Church continues its … [Read more...]

gays rejected but so was Jesus

What came first?Our idea of the good person? Or our interpretation of what the bible says is a good person? Or the biblical writers' idea of what is a good person? Or the biblical writers' culture's idea of what is a good person? Or God's idea of what is a good person? Or the ancient culture's idea of what God's idea of what is a good person? Or our beliefs about what God's idea is of a good person?Of course, these all feed off of each other in a vicious circle of life that protects … [Read more...]

even atheists are redeemed… NOT!

There was quite a buzz last week when Pope Francis said that even atheists could be redeemed.So atheists were not only redeemed, but also impressed.But it wasn't too long before a Vatican spokesman came out with a corrective: people who know about the Catholic church can't be saved if they refuse to enter it or remain in it.It just proves again that we aren't just dealing with people, but also with systems. Even the most powerful and influential Christian in the world, the pope, is … [Read more...]

why don’t we believe the victim?

If you are a victim of assault you will automatically find yourself in an adversarial position. I talk about this a lot because it is prevalent in the church. But so many people find it hard to believe so they don't. How can such a nice person do such a thing? How can such a thing happen right under our noses?My daughter was bullied in University, but because she was assaulted by two popular young woman in such an aggressive way it was hard to get anyone's ear that would even entertain the … [Read more...]

other tragedies in the wake of the tornadoes

It's one thing to experience tragedy. It's another to have it followed by a sermon.Why is everyone so smart? Why are there so many answers to such a deep, unspeakable mystery?It didn't take long for John Piper to tweet his answer: "Your sons and daughters were eating and a great wind struck the house, and it fell upon them, and they are dead (Job 1:19)" Or for Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps, Jr. to tweet his: "OK Thunder's Durant flips God by praising fag Collins. God smashes … [Read more...]

do you get tired of clichés?

I've been thinking a lot about clichés because when I scroll through Facebook I get overwhelmed with how many are posted there and how many likes they get.The thing about a cliché is that it is born out of someone's experience and wisdom. They are words that emerged out of the crucible of suffering, temptation, testing, sacrifice, love, patience, lots of hard work and insight.So I'm going to use the Top 10 Spiritual Clichés. Let's start with this one attributed to Hopi elders: “We are th … [Read more...]

theology as a ball and chain

I wrote a post last week about learning a lesson on theological conversation from Tony Jones. Seriously, that incident got me thinking.Theology is important to me. I love it. I enjoy it. I am on a mission to understand the truth. I have a suspicion that there is a unifying theory that would be the key to understanding it all. I also concede that I could be wrong about this. But this is the theory that motivates me in my search.But that says a lot. The Tony Jones incident last week made … [Read more...]

keep your big mouth shut

There have been many times in my church career when opening my big mouth has led to my departure. The first time I was naive and challenged something thinking that someone would care. The next time I was less naive but still nervous that I wouldn't be heard. The next time after that I absolutely knew that opening my mouth about an issue would lead to my dismissal.It had even been suggested to me that I should run all my thoughts and cartoons and writing through my superiors before publishing … [Read more...]