“caught” finds a good home

I'm pleased to announce that this original drawing, "caught", has sold and has found a home in California. I incorporated this drawing into my Sophia series. I'm always happy when an original sells. They aren't cheap, and so it means someone loves it so much they are willing to make a commitment and invest in an original piece. It means a lot to me. Thank you!Several of my original Sophia's have sold, and every time I carry them to the post office to ship out I feel a bit of sadness. The … [Read more...]

cartoon: spiritual eroticism

Acquire the original of this cartoon for $100. Please contact me. You can get a fine art print of some of my cartoons here.Let's admit it: there's a lot of eroticism in religion and spirituality. I've heard stories from many women who have been required to stand before a congregation and confess their sexual sin. That is an erotic event. It is forced exhibitionism. It not only falsely publicizes the woman's identity as a sexual object delivering pleasure to others in a graphic way, but exposes … [Read more...]

FREEBIE FRIDAY: print of choice #3

TODAY I'M GIVING AWAY A FINE ART PRINT OF YOUR CHOICE! LIKE THIS ONE FOR INSTANCE:NOTE: The ORIGINAL of this image is available HERE.This one is called "The Woman Caught in Adulter", taken from John 8. But the winner gets to choose any image from my fine art gallery, and I will give them a fine art print (not a photocopy!) of that image, up to 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).All you have to do to enter the contest is 3 things:Join my newsletter CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW SO YOU CAN ENTER TODAY'S … [Read more...]