some feel the rain

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. (Bob Marley) When I heard this beautiful little quote the other day it inspired me to paint another crow in the rain. This one is atop an old birch tree and the rain is falling straight down on him. Actually the crow is a huge spiritual symbol in my life. My love for them came first.It also caused me to become reflective and wonder how well I handle discomfort.Purchase the original painting, or purchase a print … [Read more...]

new Sophia “rising”

What freedom Sophia now enjoys! Nothing can stop her. It used to be that everything and everyone held her back and held her down. Now she knows that she is no one's slave. She is her own master. She is liberated. She will rise!Purchase the original painting or buy a print. Join a site dedicated to providing a safe place for sharing and learning our spiritual paths.(Remember: if you receive my newsletter use your 25% discount!) … [Read more...]

freebie friday Sophia shelter print

I'm giving away this fine art print of Sophia "Shelter" (purchase the original drawing or buy a print).I'm shamelessly promoting my new partner site because that's exactly what that site is: a shelter! Generally, nakedpastor will continue to emphasize afflicting the comfortable and davidhayward will emphasize comforting the afflicted. I urge you to go to and join! There are some really cool conversations happening there in a safe environment, and it's providing … [Read more...]

FREEBIE FRIDAY: prevailing print

I'm giving away a print of this original painting of mine, "Prevailing". Here's something I wrote with the painting:There are two ways to prevail. Like the tree, you can go with the adversity. Bend with it. Be flexible in the face of it. Surrender to it. Or, like the crow, you can lean into it. Streamline yourself against it. Endure it. Stand your ground in spite of it. Both are wise. Both prevail. Even against the most severe of prevailing winds.For your chance to win, all you have to … [Read more...]

freebie friday Sophia “steadfast” print

Back by popular demand! This is one of my first Sophia drawings. I wanted to depict the courage of a young woman to stand up against the impossible and not back down. She feisty! She's stubborn! She's steadfast! She's not moving until she gets what she wants and what she knows she needs.For your chance to win, all you have to do is: 1. leave a comment on this post. Anything... even just a "hi". And you can be anonymous too if you want. 2. you must sign up for my newsletterI SHIP … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “cleansed”

Sophia has been caught in a rain storm. She's fallen to the ground and letting it all soak in. Her years of servitude, her years of compromise, her years of captivity, her years of fear... may they all seep out of her and into the ground. She's never felt this clean, this pure. She'll remember this rainy night.Acquire the original drawing. Or buy a print of "cleansed". … [Read more...]

be open and receptive

I have a tendency, when going through a difficult time, to shut down and become hard-hearted.I remember many many years ago my spiritual director encouraging me to explore this. Over the years I have. It is a self-protective coping mechanism I instinctively use to secure my own safety. I'm not alone in this. I have learned that during difficult times of transition, it is important to keep your heart soft. At least try. It is crucial to try to be receptive to what is being offered as a gift … [Read more...]

stake your claim claim your state

You finally have to make your stand. The war of attrition against your individual spirituality has taken its toll. One more day and you will lose this war. You must come out! You must stake your claim. You must claim your state!I've done it several times, to the dismay and disappointment of people I've loved and who have loved me. My parents. My grandparents. My siblings. My friends. My parishioners. My churches. My readers. I've had to come out, finally, and tell them who I was. Spiritually. … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “release”

We have an expression in our house that we use almost daily: "Let it go… like a balloon… let it go!"It is so difficult to let things go. It is difficult to let friends go. Your loved ones. Your pet. Your job. Your house. Your church. Your religion. Your faith. So many things. It is difficult to let things go.But what is the most difficult thing to let go? What about our anger? What about our fear? What about our resentments? What about our griefs? What about our disappointments?Sophia is le … [Read more...]

let’s find rest together

"NORTHERN LIGHT CROWS": (buy a print of my painting!)Let's find rest. Let's find rest together. Let's just be together. As we are. And rest. Just look at these crows. They don't judge one another. A crow's a crow. And that's it. They flock together. The eat together. They fly together. And rest together. Under the brilliant northern lights and the vast array of stars. They rest together and delight in the world in which they live. A crow's a crow. Under the brilliant northern lights and the … [Read more...]