atheists and acts of God

For some twisted reason I find this funny. Right in the middle of a man's defiance against God, he's struck by lightening. Most people would see a connection.Our minds demand cause-and-effect relationships between events.This is not necessarily true.CHECK OUT MY ART! … [Read more...]

10 reasons to be afraid of atheists

Here are ten reasons to be afraid of atheists:There are some pretty nasty atheists that even seem dangerous. I don't know any personally, but I have met some online that I'm glad are at arm's length. There are some atheists who are just rude and won't respect but attack your beliefs or rationale, which can make conversing with them very uncomfortable and confrontational. There are some atheists who, because they are atheists, are by your standards going to Hell and are therefore, by … [Read more...]

forgiveness not forthcoming

Forgiveness just might be withheld in this case. This might be an unanswered prayer. Maybe he should ask forgiveness for always believing and doing what he is told.Own the original drawing of the cartoon. Buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

cartoon: atheists, monsters

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10 Reasons Why I Listen To Atheists Revisited

Lisa and I are taking the day off today to go to Fredericton. I want to visit the art store there and pick up some woodcut printing supplies. We also plan on hanging out over lattés at Chapters for a while. So I dug back in my archives and pulled out this article that I posted back in August of 2006. Interested in your thoughts.I believe that all voices should be free to speak and to be heard. I believe that they are not afraid to ask some hard questions that I think need asking. I believe … [Read more...]