jesus trapped nightmare

Jesus is not located. He is not centered. There is no center. There is no boundary. There is no place, sacred or secular.The All in all cannot be found because this is nowhere. The All in all cannot NOT be found for this is everywhere.ALL MY ART, SOPHIAS, CARTOONS, PAINTINGS, originals and prints, ARE 40% OFF UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY! USE THE COUPON CODE "loveis" TO GET INCREDIBLE DEALS ON THE ART YOU ALWAYS WANTED! CLICK HERE! … [Read more...]

we have seen a great light

It is very difficult not to impute into the very unassuming original story all the grand assumptions of our time. We don't know what happened. We can't rely on the texts for historical accuracy. Our minds gather all the accretions built up over the centuries and assign the magnificent edifice of these traditions to whatever happened in the first century. We don't know what happened.But something happened. The borrowed mythologies and hopes combined together with an event that is hopelessly … [Read more...]

mine all mine

Some talk about the Christ principal. I get it. If you've followed my z-theory at all, you will understand that I see the story of the incarnation as a powerful metaphor that attempts to describe reality. It resonates with me.However, I do not imagine it as a story of one religion dominating the world, as many do. Of course, Christianity isn't the only religion guilty of the ambition of world domination. It is the nature of all religions, Christianity included.(Many original cartoon drawings … [Read more...]

toying with baby Jesus

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cartoon: jesus for the animals

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