oh my God there’s a friendly atheist!

I'm in love with an atheist, Hemant Mehta, the The Friendly Atheist. In my philosophical construct, he and I are no different, but are essentially connected and united. So we might as well seal the deal.I know this comes as a shock to many of you because this last April Fool's Day me and Rob Bell were married. But I just can't help myself.He wrote a post today about "It's Perfectly Acceptable To Mock Church Culture" in which he applauds Stephanie Drury of Stuff Christian Culture Likes … [Read more...]

intellect versus belief

Purchase the original or a print of this cartoon!I'm not going to say anything and just see what happens. … [Read more...]

i believed in…

I remember publishing this post, "I've Never Seen a Miracle", and it wasn't long after that I felt it was time to leave the ministry. A pivotal time in my life.It's difficult but liberating to admit the facts.For some real heart-to-heart sharing over this issue, join the rest of us over at davidhayward.Purchase the original drawing or buy a print of this cartoon … [Read more...]

thoughts like a river

There's been quite a bit of discussion lately on my blog and all my social media sites about belief and unbelief, Christianity and Atheism. I've enjoyed it.One of the things I've noticed and have mentioned it to a couple of people today is the obviously erroneous idea that our thoughts must be static. I do remember when it was important to me that my beliefs never change. However, I now see the importance of allowing my thoughts to change and as a result, my beliefs.This is how I describe … [Read more...]

christian or atheist?

Last night I put up some posts on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., about atheism. I caused quite a stir. It shouldn't come as any surprise to our regular readers as we know I've talked about atheism quite a bit. In fact, some of the most prolific sharers of my cartoons are atheist sites, such as the friendly atheist.So let me explain.The bible gives room for unbelief. For instance, in Mark 9:24, a man exclaims, "Lord I believe. Help my unbelief!" And there's Thomas who can't … [Read more...]

if you feel like you are losing your faith you are

Even the bible talks about transformation, being born again, and becoming new creations. This means that what we are today is not what we were yesterday. Including the mind and its contents!Once we have a kernel of belief we truly embrace, all other data that presents itself to us is either integrated with that kernel of belief or rejected. I claim that most of us are involved in the daily tweaking of erroneous thought and naive belief. When we think we are adding to our faith, we are actually … [Read more...]

bad dream

I am quite certain that every pastor, minister, priest, imam, rabbi, preacher, teacher... etc... has experienced this. It is terrifying to question your beliefs. It's doubly so when you are expected to teach those questioned beliefs.For some it is episodic. For others it is chronic.Like I tweeted last night: Asking yourself "Do I still really believe?" is one of the most daring, courageous and necessary questions you can ask yourself. ****************I provide transition support. If you … [Read more...]

thinking and belief

This young woman, while sitting over her first cup of coffee for the day, has realized the inevitable: she has a fight on her hands.Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist, has asked that I be a weekly contributor to his blog's new efforts. This cartoon was my first offering that was posted last week on the FriendlyAtheist. The deal is I can post it some time later on my own blog. ¬†You can check it out here with all the comments.What surprised me was the immediate vociferous reaction to the … [Read more...]

unity is not based upon belief

Our unity is not based upon belief. It cannot be.Unity is something already achieved. It is a present reality. So it is not something we endeavour to create. It is something we endeavour to protect, nourish and enjoy.Right now I am teaching a class of international students. We are Saudi, Japanese, Canadian, Mongolian, Kazakh, and Chinese. We are Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Shinto Buddhist, and Other. Yet we enjoy a remarkable sense of unity that is deeper than and transcends our … [Read more...]

a better atheism cartoon

Well, my cartoon this morning, "Bad Atheism", provoked quite a discussion... evidence to me that no matter how good our intentions are or how earnestly we try to convey an idea, there's always the risk of being misunderstood. Especially if you aren't clear. (By the way there's still time to post a comment and get a chance to win a free print of the cartoon!)The cartoon above was posted over two years ago and perhaps is a better one, though with a different message.I hope. … [Read more...]