don’t think just believe

How many times was I offered this irresistible invitation to stop thinking? Heaven knows how much torment thinking has brought me. But I also know how much liberation it has brought me. So I don't choose.When someone offers you the choice, run away. There's no choice to be made.*********Hey everyone! A friend of mine is making a great offer today. Today is his book launch, and if you go to his site and order the book, there are over 30 gifts that are immediately made available to you. One … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: sentences

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theologically assisted suicide

As a pastor I would go through some very dark times. Just like Pastor Ron here.How much of our theology supports a pessimistic, hopeless, depressed and nihilistic perspective? How much of our theology is actually spiritual suicide dressed up in bible quotes and word play and fanciful language? How much of our theology could have been written by the Destroyer?See you tomorrow. I hope. (wink wink nod nod)Buy the original cartoon. Or buy a $15 print (free shipping) of this cartoon. (Just … [Read more...]