Pussy Riot’s Revolutionary Reading

Purchase the original drawing or buy a print of this cartoon.I hope you saw my earlier Tribute to Pussy Riot. I admire those women so much!I was pleased when I read in The New Yorker that Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, one of the three members of the Russian feminist punk-rock band Pussy Riot serving time in prison for "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred", spends her time in a small four woman cell reading. She tries to write, but her notes are confiscated. She knows she is being spied on, … [Read more...]

three in one

Purchase the original or a print of this drawing.If the bible and the church has too much authority in your life, then the god of this equation is false. Some would say they are all false.Why did you give a book and an organization so much control over your life? Why are you afraid to say no to them? Why are you scared of your own spiritual independence?I would suggest that only when you are free from the blinding authority of the bible and the church will any clarity come as to what "god" … [Read more...]

love is greater than

If only we could get this straight. This is easy math. It's a simply equation.Did you read my post last night Why it is Hard to Leave the Church? Lots of reaction to it.Buy the the original drawing, or buy a print of this cartoon! … [Read more...]

women on top and biblical sex

When a man writes about gender roles, the first thing you should note is that it was written by a man. Always start the critique there.There's quite a debate going on that you might like to notice. The Gospel Coalition posted an article by Jerod Wilson entitled The Polluted Waters of 50 Shades of Grey, Etc.. It received a lot of criticism, such as the post by Rachel Held Evans. You can check out these links and that will provide you with a wide doorway into more conversations around this hot … [Read more...]

choose your weapons

Let the games begin!Do you have my two books yet? GO HERE! … [Read more...]

an unnecessary match made

AN UNNECESSARY MATCH: (buy a print of this cartoon-->click here)The bible and questions belong together. Even the bible itself is full of questions. Unanswered ones too. Religion without questions is tyranny. And stupid. And loveless.But too many would see the bible and questions as enemies.It's an unnecessary match made.I have 2 books of cartoons, paper or Kindle: CLICK HERE. … [Read more...]

one book two attitudes

As we can see from these two fellas, their minds are predisposed to thinking a certain way, and the bible supports their contradictory attitudes.Our minds form a worldview at a very young age. Then it finds the appropriate information that agrees with this worldview. This in turn confirms and solidifies the worldview, which then endorses and promotes the information with which it agrees.It is a vicious circle that is very difficult to escape. … [Read more...]

God at gunpoint

These guys are using the bible to hold God hostage. They are using the bible to affirm their own ideas about God, then imposing these ideas on God. Their God is not free, but a god who does everything they believe and say.Convenient and rampant. But catastrophic.Own the original drawing! Or buy a print of this cartoon.Check out my books. … [Read more...]

no room left

MY ART & CARTOONS                 MY BOOKS … [Read more...]

aladdin’s bible

A magical version of the bible. Use scripture for what you want. It's a recipe of potions. Bend it to grant your wishes. Ta-da! … [Read more...]