sheep and headphones

What more can be said?Lots more could be heard. If we would have ears to hear.The bible can obstruct Truth.Own the original drawing.Buy a print of this cartoon.Check out my books that are full of cartoons. … [Read more...]

bible breakup

Do you need to talk? Just email me to set up an appointment.Check out my books and my art. … [Read more...]

3 pillars of the faith topple

The church needs to brace itself for the growing onslaught against the three pillars of the Christian faith. I claim the church must hear the serious challenge against its three pillars now, before it is too late.The three pillars are:God: God is unprovable. It is no longer helpful to assume that God is. Such words as "God exists" don't make sense anymore. To resort to personal experience as proof for others is invalid. The overwhelming meaninglessness of life, together with the … [Read more...]

interpretation is everything

First you have the event, if there was one.Then you have the observer.Then you have the observer's interpretation.Then you have his written account of his interpretation of what the observer observed.Then you have the interpretation of the interpretation of what the observer observed.Then you have the interpretation of the interpretation of the interpretation of what the observer observed.And then... well... you get my point...We come pretty far down the chain. … [Read more...]

let us mourn together

If something claims to be true, then it should invite even the most severe critiques. Then whatever is discovered not to be true should be rejected. And whatever is decided to be true, even that should be held loosely, tenuously and humbly.This is why some defenses of the bible and theology seem to betray fear more than infallibility.Buy the original drawing OR Buy a print of this cartoon.I have two books of cartoons and writings available on Amazon: CLICK HERE! … [Read more...]

jump how high?

So many people take a literal interpretation of the bible. I used to. I remember that absolutely terrifying and traumatizing day when I could no longer do so. I fell down a very deep hole. Bottomless, in fact.But that's what happens when you choose the red pill.People misinterpret this as a disrespect of scripture. Not so. In fact, I think it is a deeper respect of scripture to appreciate its fuller meaning, significance and authority.I know I know. I studied the bible in order to teach … [Read more...]

jack-in-the-box Jesus

The bible is a deeply mysterious collection of deeply mysterious writings from deeply mysterious people across a deeply mysterious span of time from a deeply mysterious variety of cultures.But we can turn it into a toy and play around with it. It can be fun.Download a high-resolution image of this cartoon. It is a clean scanned version you can print for yourself or share on your social media.Own the original drawing.Download my book of cartoons "nakedpastor 101" for just .99¢, or buy a … [Read more...]

impersonal devotions

Sometimes our spiritual exercises get in the way of the very thing we are trying to accomplish. … [Read more...]

the 10 disturbing de-‘s of the bible

From Moses to the prophets to Jesus to Paul, throughout the bible there are stories and passages that, as Jeremiah's scribe Baruch would write, "… uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow…" I'll call them the 10 There is at work a destabilization of the powers, sometimes the very powers religion enthrones and endorses. de-nationalize: Blessing is not focused upon one nation, nor does it come from one nation. de-centralize: All attempts to keep the true religion cen … [Read more...]

bedtime stories

Someone will say, "That's so Old Testament! We've moved on from there!"Why aren't we willing to say the same about other issues that are in the New Testament?Own the original drawing. Buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]