weapon of mass destruction

I've decided to not leave a commentary on my own cartoons. I'll leave that up to you. I'm going to try to be real cartoonist and let the cartoon speak for itself. I'm thinking I will post a cartoon in the morning and write something in the evening. Something like that.Make an offer on the original drawing! Buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

why religious people can be mean

Marks gospel says about the teaching of Jesus: They were astounded at his teaching, for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. Some people think that if they have the church and the bible behind them… (and not just any church, but their particular church… and not just any bible but their particular interpretation of it)… then they have authority to say incredibly stupid, inhumane and mean things.The reason Jesus' teaching was so different was, unlike the scribes, he did … [Read more...]

Jesus reads his bible

Some things make perfect sense in an ivory tower.Extract yourself from the ivory tower with its clinical reading of scripture and immerse yourself in real life and things start to look a lot different.I agree it is a mistake to allow our interpretation of life to twist the meaning of a text to our liking.But it is worse to twist lives for the sake of a text.You can buy my cartoon originals and prints!If you haven't bought my book of cartoons, I invite you too. It addresses concerns … [Read more...]

It’s a God Fit

The price of my original art and prints is going back up this weekend. Take advantage of the low prices. Especially if you want to own an original Sophia drawing. Go to my online art gallery for originals and prints now.We all do this. It's called "hermeneutics". It's the method we employ to interpret the text. The bible doesn't speak for itself. It's filtered and edited through our personal grid.We all approach the text with our own presuppositions. We all approach the text with an idea of … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Trapped”

This one of Sophia, our young woman on her courageous journey towards her independence and wisdom, must have a beginning. This is how I picture her… trapped and surrounded by trappings. I find these pieces so emotional to create because I know she represents my spirit, my inner self, and its journey out of religious slavery towards independence and wisdom.This one is called "Trapped". Sophia is chained to a stone cellar wall. She is surrounded by words of submission. Even though we might agree … [Read more...]

worm hands & the religious project

I remember the days when I obsessed about every single verse and my obedience to it. I was overcome with guilt for things totally unnecessary, unimportant and inapplicable.This poor little worm will probably end up going home feeling guilty for not having hands to begin with.This is the religious project: to require something of you impossible for you to fulfill.Buy a $15 print (free shipping) of this cartoon. (Just email me.)I published a book of cartoons that addresses issues like … [Read more...]

one smart sheep

Uh-oh. Here's one sheep who's starting to catch on. What's going to happen to him? Will he start a ramolution? Things can't ever be the same for him. That's for sure. You know that!Many of my cartoon originals are available for purchase. Just contact me if interested. Or buy prints of them here.I already have a book of cartoons. For just $9, order "Nakedpastor101: Cartoons by David Hayward", from amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.de. … [Read more...]

a safe way to gather?

People mistake my critique of the church as hatred for it. If they read me carefully they would realize that I love the church, that I believe in it, that I care about Christians and their spiritual well-being, and that I am passionately concerned with how Christians can gather in healthy ways.I'm often asked if I will ever pastor again. My immediate and visceral response is "Never!" But what I mean by that is I will never pastor a local congregation in the same way as I have. I still consider … [Read more...]

Surrogate Spirituality

The passage in 1 Samuel 8 where Israel asks for a king is a pivotal point in the biblical narrative. It recalls another pivotal passage where the people ask Moses to go up the mountain in their stead to hear the voice of God with all that accompanies it.Both represent our inclination to engage surrogates. Rather than immediate experience we prefer reported experience. Rather than immediate living, we prefer dispensed living. Rather than live life, we prefer watching it. Rather than enjoy, … [Read more...]

Go Find Your Own Spirituality

Abraham's primitive spirituality was radically different than Moses' deliverance spirituality. But then Moses' spirituality was radically different than Samuel's prophetic spirituality. And Samuel's spirituality certainly looked a lot different than David's earthy spirituality. And David's spirituality looked a lot different than Jeremiah's sorrowful spirituality. But then Jeremiah's spirituality looked quite a bit different than Peter's Messianic spirituality. And Peter's spirituality looked a … [Read more...]