God has mighty big shoes

I've been humbled more than once in my life. Sometimes it's a matter of perspective. In the end, we don't know.I run an online community called The Lasting Supper where you are allowed to have an opinion but you're not allowed to impose or impute it upon others. It's very dynamic, open and exciting. But most of all, it's safe! I invite you to come join us! … [Read more...]

walk a mile in the shoes of God

I think with my own thoughts. Even if they are borrowed, they've been cooked in my own mind to become my own.Even when I propose to speak for someone else, that someone else's words have been filtered through my mind and are made audible with my own unique voice.It is important to know this, for instance, when someone says they speak for God. There is no such thing as being a pure speaker for God, a reliable sound piece, an accurate amplifier.The kind of people who's words I trust are … [Read more...]