is God a great big bully?

Here are some characteristics of a bully:Lacks empathy for others. Needs to control others. Gets angry quickly. Constantly reminds others of their weaknesses. Picks on those who don't comply to his expectations. Makes others afraid through threats. Uses physical aggression to intimidate and control. Defies any who would share or correct his power.We've probably all been bullied. It is a popular sport in school. When our kids encountered bullying, we would ask these … [Read more...]

bullies 2

My first "bullies" cartoon, posted back in May, was a hit. I sold the original drawing as well as many prints. There are still prints available.So this is the second one. You can own the original drawing, or buy a print of it.Sometimes we find comfort in exclamations, assertions, certitudes, declarations and pronouncements. But when we find too much comfort in these and they become our securities, they can make us mean-spirited.Religious communities must make room for questions. They need … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday: book & print

Welcome to another Freebie Friday!Today I am, again, giving away a double prize:I am giving away a¬†fine art print of my popular Bullies cartoon (shown above). Also, I am giving away my friend Kathy Escobar's new book, Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus.Here's a quote: A theology of brokenness embraces our spiritual poverty, questions, doubts, and desire for love, hope and redemption, and reminds us that the stink and the beauty are wrapped into one. We can't just focus on … [Read more...]


(Buy a print of this cartoon!)In a culture where exclamations rule, the poor little question doesn't stand a chance. It will get bullied. I know because I've tried to stick up for it and got bullied myself. … [Read more...]