new Sophia drawing “metamorphosis”

My journey, especially over the last two years, has been one which has required considerable change in me. Actually, it has been a rather painful revelation of the transformation that is urgent and necessary.But how does a caterpillar decide to become a butterfly? Exactly! I know metamorphosis is urgent. So I await. I posture myself for change.Like our lovely Sophia, I have the feeling that as I become more grounded, the transformation I need will come.Acquire the original drawing. Or buy … [Read more...]

I Cry For Transformation!

Lisa and I took our much-needed weekend and went to a nearby city, Moncton. We took our daughter Casile and a young woman who's staying with us right now... Melissa. We had a wonderful time. I didn't take my computer. I still can't believe it, since my computer plays a pretty major role in my life with blogging, my writing, cartooning, my art on ebay, and keeping in touch with all in my sphere through facebook. It gave me space to just enjoy life and love. I also did some important thinking.I … [Read more...]