My Anniversary 50% OFF SALE!

It's my anniversary today! 50% OFF on all my art!Today is Lisa's and my 32nd anniversary! That's right! Married to this beautiful person for 32 years. We're proud of it. An incredible journey! I wrote this in her card today: I have to believe that even the bad times are swallowed up by the good, making our life together rich with a love that has been severely tested and proven. In celebration of our anniversary, I'm giving everyone a 50% OFF discount in my online gallery. It includes all my … [Read more...]

Sophia slips away in “Canoe”

My Sophia prints, like this one called "Canoe", are very affordable right now! click here.Some people will simply make it impossible for you to leave or to proceed on your own journey. You must make every effort. Sometimes you must resist their pleas and tear yourself away. Other times, like Jesus, you will have to slip away unnoticed.In any case, you must make your escape.Check out my Sophia art collection. … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “canoe”

This is another installment in the mysterious "Sophia" series... the graphic chronicle of a young woman's courageous journey to wisdom and independence. In this image she has come across a canoe. She must travel with stealth. There is a distant camp across the lake and she knows how sound travels over open water, especially in the still of the night. Whether they are kindly or not, it doesn't matter, for she absolutely must be alone.This one is done with pen and ink and graphite pencil on … [Read more...]