I did a quiz and look who I got!

Call me weird but I have no desire to find out what movie-star or TV character I'm like. I'm so ego-centric I think they are like me! In fact, when someone says I look just like Bruce Cockburn, I correct them and tell them no, he looks like me!So I decided to make this meme showing that I am just like me. … [Read more...]

Pete Seeger Dead: a tribute cartoon

This is not to say there is a literal God in heaven, nor that there is a literal heaven, nor that we inhabit literal bodies after we die, nor that all our questions are answered in the afterlife. None of those and more.Pete Seeger is dead at 94. He was chopping wood 10 days ago.He co-wrote "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?", one of America's most iconic songs. What was Seeger's spirituality? There's this: When asked about his religious or spiritual views, Seeger replied: "I feel most … [Read more...]

captivated by love or holding love captive

BUY A PRINT: JUST $25!I'd rather love and be loved. Wouldn't you?I'd rather be captivated by love than hold love captive. Wouldn't you?Let love go.Be released!We're learning how to love at The Lasting Supper. Try it out. … [Read more...]

where are you on this gender pyramid?

There's so much wrong with this I wouldn't even know where to start. So I won't.We talk a LOT about gender... its fluidity, its complexities, its realities, its lifestyles, etcetera, at The Lasting Supper. I invite you to join us for fascinating people, discussions and developing relationship. … [Read more...]

a short video about the deconstruction of belief

Happy New Year!Here's my teaching style. I did this for our online community but since nothing sensitive is revealed about the group, I decided to make this public to you as well. (Yes, that's a watercolor painting I did in the background... of my wife Lisa with one of our children.)I invite you to join The Lasting Supper. Just check out the page. There are short videos and testimonials and more details on what it's about.Here is a 20 minute video I did for The Lasting Supper … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Hide” with 50% OFF SALE!

For TODAY ONLY all my art is 50% OFF, including this Sophia called "Hide", the original and reproductions: BROWSE THROUGH MY STORE. Use coupon code 'boxing'.One of my favorite biblical images is hiding under the shelter of his wings, and rising on wings as of eagles.I thought I was finished drawing Sophia. I already have around 55 images. But this image popped into my head last week and she demanded to be drawn to fill out her story a little more. You can see all of them in one place … [Read more...]

a star wasn’t born

This is definitely my most popular Christmas cartoon to date! You can get a print of it here.The story of Jesus definitely emphasizes his humble origins with peasants and foreigners attending. It wasn't a photo op. Noticeably, there are no stars, heroes, luminaries, leaders or powerful people.Those with power or influence missed it or opposed it.Want community? … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: from among to be

My experience of That-Which-We-Call-God is in the human collective. When Jesus died, he promised that the Spirit would follow and that the human collective would be him. Where two or three are gathered there am I! Which is what makes sense of Paul's claim that Jesus questioned: "Why do you persecute me?" In other words, Paul's cataclysmic revelation was Jesus said, "I am the people!" Period!Our online community, The Lasting Supper, is my experience of That-Which-We-Call-God. I invite you to … [Read more...]

a young nakedpastor reader draws my portrait

A 9 year old girl, Shena, likes my cartoons. Her father told me that she would love to see a video of me drawing a cartoon. She wanted to see how I did it. I created a video just for her. You can watch it HERE. Shena is struggling with an illness. So I dedicated the cartoon to her and sent her the original drawing.In return she drew my portrait and sent this drawing to me. I think it's pretty darn good. She's definitely got talent. I hope she uses it. Here's the note she wrote to me on the … [Read more...]

even leaders must collaborate with the system

I'm not only sympathetic to congregants within the church system who have to hide parts of their lives. The same happens to the leaders. I know both sides because I've been there. In order for the system to continue, everyone has to agree to collaborate.There is a silent code of conduct that you don't reveal the disagreeable parts of yourself that could threaten the security of the system or its ideology. Members and pastors can be victims of this reality.This is the last day of my … [Read more...]