nakedpastor101 in e-book

My first book of cartoons, nakedpastor101 (2010), is available as a digital download e-book. Just click HERE and purchase it for only $3.99. BUT!!!!! If you are subscribers to my newsletter, you can enter your discount coupon code and you will get your 25% OFF!Brian McLaren endorsed it by saying: "What another creative communicator did with parables, David Hayward does with cartoons... I'm a big fan!"Check it out. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

my new book “Without A Vision My People Prosper”

This isn't my official launch. Yet. This is my preview notice. But I am happy to announce the publication of my new book: "Without a Vision My People Prosper". This is what I say about it: David challenges the modern need to formulate visions and set goals for local congregations. He argues that even though vision and goals might be useful for individuals, businesses and other organizations, it is harmful to genuine community.Through a collection of his most relevant posts and cartoons from … [Read more...]

nakedpastor cartoons in Australia art show

The guys at Manly Fig in New South Wales, Australia, had an art show. They asked me to contribute some of my cartoons to the show. I was pleased to do so. Here are a couple of shots they took of some people looking at my cartoons. I wish I could have been there! Thanks guys!Many of these cartoons are in my book, nakedpastor101. … [Read more...]

get originals & prints now!

Take notice everyone! My originals and prints of Sophia as well as my cartoons are at an amazingly affordable price. I am giving you the heads up because I am raising the prices this coming weekend. You have 2 or 3 days to take advantage of buying the originals or prints of images such as this one below, one of my Sophia series called "Shelter". You can purchase them all here.Again! Take advantage of my crazy cheap prices now before they go up this weekend.Thanks to the so many people who … [Read more...]

religious graffiti

Graffiti, such as the graffiti of my favorite graffiti artist Banksy, even if it is truthful, is against the law. Not just because it "defaces" a property, but also because it challenges the powers that rule over that property.I get emails every day from people who say they're going to take the risk of posting one of my cartoons on their blog or Facebook. They tell me that they are sure to lose friends. But they feel the cartoon communicates something so truthful to them and so important that … [Read more...]

please promote nakedpastor101 book

I'm asking you, my friends, fans and readers, to please promote my newly re-released book on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I would really appreciate it!"Nakedpastor101" is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as other sites for as little as $9!! Order yours today. I have re-released it in a brand new and affordable format. Because it is available on Amazon, etc., you can take advantage of their sales, coupons, and free shipping deals. See links below!Here's … [Read more...]

The Best Book Endorsements

Yesterday I heard a story:A young woman friend who is home for Christmas was telling us that her younger sister, 18 years old, was telling her that she just had to read this cartoon book her mom and dad got. She was going on and on to her older sister how awesome it is and that she had to read it. It's my cartoon book, nakedpastor101.Another similar story:A friend of mine thousands of miles from here has two children in their young 20s. She overheard them laughing in another room and … [Read more...]

Watercolor Wednesday 30% off

I'm giving 30% off all my art and prints and cards. My "Wooded Lane" note-cards above are an example.But only to those who have joined my newsletter: So please join my newsletter. I will be sending an newsletter out to my members in an hour or so. So sign up for the 30% off deal. You will also get a high resolution print with the email you can use for a screen-saver or even to print out so you can frame and hang it.You can buy my cartoons and cartoon greeting cards: HERE.You can buy my … [Read more...]

Winner of God’s Daisy Cards

The winner of yesterday's FREEBIE FRIDAY is James Lock from the UK. Congratulations James!You can purchase the original drawing or a fine art print of this image from my gallery.I also have more sets of nakedpastor cards: HERE; as well as my fine art cards: HERE. Great for gifts! … [Read more...]

Signed Copies of nakedpastor101

I finally have some of my new book, nakedpastor101, in stock here at home. I'm selling signed copies while they are available. I'm charging only $20 per book. Plus shipping and handling. Here are the S&H costs:CANADA: $4 (total: $24 US funds) USA: $8 (total: $28 US funds) INTERNATIONAL: $15 (total: $35 US funds)I wish I could keep the shipping costs down, but this is what Canada Post charges.If you want to order one or more, please send me your Paypal payment with your correct mailing … [Read more...]