prayer from the cell: full silence

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seek the ever receding

The first time I realized this basic dynamic was traumatic. But it is a necessary step in the development of a mature spirituality. This is what keeps us seeking. This is what keeps us honest. This is what keeps us from sliding continually back into idolatry.Check out my books, also available on Kindle: click HERE. … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: unlimited?

After the first month my daughter got her cell phone we got a bill for hundreds of dollars. I called to find out why. Well... her "unlimited texting" was capped at 2,500 and she'd texted over 6,000! I argued with them until they reimbursed us the extra because "unlimited" should be taken literally. IMO.I would argue the same theologically. Unlimited is unlimited!Or do you tell your children that you promise to love them unconditionally... but here are the conditions?Maybe you do.If you … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: HAPPY new year!

I read an interesting post yesterday by Bronnie Ware called "Top Five Regrets of the Dying". It's a good read from an experienced palliative care practitioner. Number 5 is "I wish that I had let myself be happier." But to be honest, the common desire running throughout all five regrets is for more happiness.It is interesting to note that the dying finally realize that happiness is a choice. They understand that even though it would have meant some difficult decisions and applied effort, they … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: Hitchens

I enjoyed reading Hitchens' "God is Not Great". It's not that I agree with him wholly. I never totally agree with anybody. Except my wife.I enjoyed reading it because of what Hitchens was up to. He tipped sacred cows. He attacked Ashtoreth poles. He burned Baals. He grappled Goliaths we allowed to camp in our minds. He crucified false Christs.Basically, he had the balls to berate nonsense.And I'm thankful for him. I'm thankful for anyone like that.I have two books of cartoons and … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: unlimited

This is one of my first "prayer from the cell" several years ago.It is an attempt to express the fact that we tend to our spirits only when convenient or affordable.I have two books published and available on Amazon: CLICK HERE!Check out my online art gallery where you can purchase originals and prints! … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: silent moves

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prayer from the cell: claims

What an amazing day yesterday. I posted that I was giving away a free download of my cartoon book, nakedpastor 101, and hundreds of copies were downloaded. I didn't expect that. My webmaster informed me that nakedpastor did more traffic yesterday than it usually does in a month!I'm so happy I was able to give a gift to so many people. Today I've put a price back on the ebook, but it's only .99ยข, so you can still take advantage of it.Check out my originals and prints. Take advantage of … [Read more...]

first Prayer From the Cell: face to face

This is the very first prayer from the cell I posted over three and a half years ago.So many changes in such a short time.Many of my drawings are available. … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: hatred

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