what other people are for

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. (Harry Connick, Jr.)Be the change you want to see in the world. (Gandhi)Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. (Saint Paul)Work out your own salvation with diligence. (Buddha)First get the beam out of your own eye. (Jesus) … [Read more...]

you’ve changed

One of the reasons change is so difficult is because of all the words that you must ignore. Most of the words are motivated by concern and even love. But often they are spoken out of a deep fear.It can make your individual journey more terrifying than it already is. You really just have to go for it.Purchase the original drawing or buy a print! … [Read more...]

the delicacy of change

Lisa and I went to a butterfly house yesterday. This is always a profound experience for me, symbolizing in such beauty the intricacy and delicacy of change.It took me over an hour to finally get a shot of this butterfly. I found it impossible to get a shot of it in flight. And when they rest, their wings are folded and they are a plain brown color. To get them resting with their wings open is rare. So I just followed them around until I finally got this amazing photo. Look at the beauty! The … [Read more...]

the mind and spiritual growth

Spiritual transformation is very difficult.The mind is a very complex organ, bent on its own self-preservation, security and comfort. The brain's primary purpose is to protect the organism. Once we see this to be true, then many other things make sense.For instance, the brain is an expert tweaker. We can see self-protection occurring in religion and spiritual growth. Often, what we think is spiritual growth is actually a slight modification of the thoughts already present. But the brain is … [Read more...]

reactions to your coming out

You must expect, when you finally decide to show your true colors, to come out (not just sexually), to reveal who you really are, the following reactions from the herd you are exposing yourself among:Revulsion: Actually a better word may be fear. When we are confronted by something we don't understand, usually our first reaction is fear. What is strange to us we are afraid of because we have no idea how to control it, manage it or manipulate it. It is threatening to us. Some of the people who … [Read more...]

Change of Geography is not a Change of Mind

A change of geography is not a change of mind.And for us to be transformed, it is the mind that needs to be renewed.We can change locations, churches, styles, formats, platforms and words. But unless our minds have been changed then nothing significant has really changed.It amazes me when I talk to people who have made a significant move. They've made some kind of exterior change and feel all radical about it. But I'm still talking to the very same person. There really has been no change. … [Read more...]

Transformation to Freedom

Probably the best book on marriage is David Schnarch's, Passionate Marriage. Here's just one quote: Crucibles are always interlocking. When one partner goes into his crucible, the other partner goes into hers– or gets out of the marriage. I apply this to any relationship, including yours with the church or any community. Your life task, if you choose to accept it, is to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. If your relationship with a community is increasingly strained by your t … [Read more...]

Let It Grow Up

GREAT FOR CHRISTMAS: Order my new cartoon book, nakedpastor101! If you are a parent you know the joy as well as the pain of watching your child grow up. Lisa and I were just talking about this last night. We remember the days when we would bathe our kids, tuck them in bed, read them a story and say their prayers. The next day we would start all over again with an innocent and clean slate.Not anymore. Now their struggles are more serious and significant. They don't disappear every day. Train a … [Read more...]

Do Not Try To Change Me

Is it possible for there to be religious communities that don't demand change from their members? Can a church, synagogue, mosque or temple… any place where the religious gather in community… still exist without desiring, expecting or pressuring their people to change?The urgency of change is incumbent upon me and me only. But this only comes about when I see that this is so and so change. I may receive assistance. But in the end I will be transformed by me changing my own mind.We may read fr … [Read more...]

Change and Freedom

I have done this many times before. I have just quit and moved on to the next chapter. This is how things usually work with me. I commit myself to something and persevere at that commitment for many years. Then, eventually, I begin to sense a change is in the air. It usually begins subtly. But the impression of it grows and grows until the situation I'm in becomes constrictive. It begins to feel like a trap, a prison, a bondage. I must be free again. I must be liberated from this present … [Read more...]