Redecorating Information

One thing we must understand about the mind is its incredible capacity to think that it is thinking. Its ability to suck on the same lollipop forever, delighting itself with the pleasure of what it thinks is thought, is endless. The brain's primary function is to protect the organism, so it stubbornly resists change. And so it rejects the way to true change, and that is by death. The mind refuses to die to itself. If it's primary function is to protect the organism and secure life, then of … [Read more...]

Be New Wine!

Someone once said that old wine skins can't handle new wine. They'll burst. It is a picture of convention's inability to endure change.Once in a while I notice that I'm feeling more tired than usual, sad, bored, unmotivated, and easily distracted. It takes something like a two-by-four over the head for me to realize what's going on.Almost always, it's because I've begun serving the system rather than the people. It's because the machine has asserted its supremacy and priority over my life. … [Read more...]

Silence and Crucibles of Change

I'm feeling kind of quiet these days... again! I'm lying low. Or trying to. In spite of my attempts to be quiet, the is the never ending suffering of those around me. And I, to a degree, suffer myself.Marriages of my friends are breaking up at an alarming rate. It is epidemic, shall we say. And, as usual, our own marriage is being stretched as Lisa and I try to learn to grow as individuals while staying in love and in close proximity. You see, this is always the problem: how to grow personally … [Read more...]

Revolution of the Mind

It isn't how you do church. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what tradition you follow. Your church expression can be anything from none to house-church to the highest liturgical expression. The fact is, none of these matter. Well, in fact, they all do matter. None of them are the solution. None of them are the problem. This is what I mean by "none of these matter". I do not think that rearranging the order is going to change the root problem... that is the human mind. I am convinced that it is … [Read more...]

The Bone of the Beast

I was trying to explain something to someone the other day. He was upset that I seem to keep trashing the church. I'd told a story during my sermon last week that happened at a church conference years ago. He felt it was unfair to bring up the incident, that it puts the church in a bad light, and the church is getting trashed enough as it is. It gives the impression, he thought, that I believe our own church and my style of ministry has got it right and everyone else has got it wrong. I … [Read more...]

Fight or Flight

I have two fairly prominent inclinations. One is that I want to engage life and challenge it. In the church there's so much to challenge. I want to take it on. I long for deep and residing change. Transformational! It is something deep and significant. It involves death... the death of what is. The Christian message is all about this: that we must die so that we might live. This is what I am truly interested in and I think passionate about.But this is what creates the other urge within me, and … [Read more...]

We All Like Cats Have Gone Astray!

I seriously question the whole religious enterprise. If you've read my blog at all you should know that by now. Once in a while the realization that the human religious enterprise is seriously flawed comes crashing in on me. It doesn't just come from a suspicion of institutions, but from a suspicion of the human heart and mind that contribute to the flourishing life of religion.I hope I can honestly say I love people and want to pastor them. I care about the spiritual community aspect of human … [Read more...]

Let All Voices Have a Voice!

Forgive me if I don't make much sense today, but I'm struggling with some sort of bug that makes me want to crush my head and puke. But here goes anyway:I remember when I was a young Christian and was fanatical and infantile in my beliefs. I was downright silly at times in my theology and practice. I remember when I was going through college where it was required that I not miss 5 Sunday church services a year, but I'd lie and sleep in anyway. I remember when I went through my seminary … [Read more...]

Nakedpastor Strips Some More!

I had joined adsense I think last spring. That is what explained all the ads on my site. I thought I might make it rich through advertising on my site. Adsense doesn't send you a check until you've reached $100. The pennies started trickling in. Like Chinese water torture. I decided that as soon as I reach my first $100 I'm going to quit adsense advertising and get back to being totally naked again... to be reflected in the nakedness of my site. Finally, this morning, I woke up to find $100.03 … [Read more...]

Kill Creativity!

I came across this video of Ken Robinson giving a short presentation at the TEDTalks. It is not only very informative, but very entertaining. His basic thesis is that our education is killing creativity, one of the most important things needed to face our uncertain future. At one point he says, Unless you are prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original. He feels we are educating people out of creativity because mistakes are stigmatized. You can't be wrong. Therefore there … [Read more...]