The Offensive Pain of Grace

Grace is offensive. Back in this post from December of last year I quoted Merton: We must be ready to cooperate not only with graces that console, but with graces that humiliate us. Not only with lights that exalt us, but with lights that blast our self-complacency. Much of our coldness and dryness in prayer may well be a kind of unconscious defence against grace. Without realizing it, we allow our nature to de-sensitize our souls so that we cannot perceive graces which we intuitively foresee … [Read more...]

I Cry For Transformation!

Lisa and I took our much-needed weekend and went to a nearby city, Moncton. We took our daughter Casile and a young woman who's staying with us right now... Melissa. We had a wonderful time. I didn't take my computer. I still can't believe it, since my computer plays a pretty major role in my life with blogging, my writing, cartooning, my art on ebay, and keeping in touch with all in my sphere through facebook. It gave me space to just enjoy life and love. I also did some important thinking.I … [Read more...]

Sarah, Cambodia and Change

This is my friend Sarah who is a part of our church community. You'll remember her if you've followed this blog at all. You can read about her here, here, here, here, and here. She lost her boyfriend, soon to be fiance, Nato, to suicide in January. Our community went through a very dark valley with her. There was lots of darkness, anger, pain, rage, swearing, drinking, smoking, arguing, crying, some laughing, but over all fierce emotions. It wasn't pretty. All the while I had this deep … [Read more...]

The Meaninglessness of Modification

Stephen Oates, in his book on Martin Luther King, Jr., Let The Trumpet Sound, quotes King: For years... I labored with the idea of reforming the existing institutions of the South, a little change here, a little change there. Now I feel quite differently. I think you've got to have a reconstruction of the entire society, a revolution of values. I agree with this statement. I apply this same truth to the church. It isn't enough to tweak this or that part of the church, just like it isn't enough … [Read more...]

Youth Diaspora

So last week, as a requested birthday present from our son Jesse who just turned 18, we gave him permission not to have to come to church with us every Sunday. We never made him go. He never really questioned it. But close to his 18th birthday, he asked for this as a gift, and we gave it to him. He still wants to come when he can play drums in the worship band though. Which got me thinking...The other day I picked up a couple of people from the airport who were flying in for a memorial service … [Read more...]

Analysis Paralysis

Krishnamurti said, Man has analysed himself for thousands of years, and produced no result but literature! … [Read more...]

die to self

Krishnamurti wrote: Can this mind negate everything it has known, the total content of its own conscious and unconscious self, which is the very essence of yourself? Can you negate yourself completely?... Can you die now to everything you know and not wait for tomorrow to die? This freedomi in eternity and ecstasy and love. … [Read more...]