it’s me i’m changing

You can get a really nice reproduction of this drawing in my store.Everything around us resists our transformation. Sure, we are encouraged to conform and adapt and tweak in order to keep up with the expectations and opinions of others. But true transformation? No. This stretches everybody, including ourselves.In our online community The Lasting Supper we provide a safe space for people to change out loud with support and even friendship. It is helping so many people, including me, and … [Read more...]

changing in spite of resistance

The resistance to change is enormous and manifold. It comes from all kinds of directions: family, friends, peers, life, even our own hearts.It requires an incredible amount of decision and courage, especially when we know change is urgent.Perhaps it is coming out in whatever way... sexually or theologically. Whatever the case, our inner change must eventually manifest itself outwardly.Then a particular fearlessness is necessary.At The Lasting Supper we provide a safe place for … [Read more...]