Did the church chew you up and spit you out?

This is not true for everybody. But it is true for many. I've been chewed up and spit out of churches. I've also left on my own accord. At the beginning it all seems good. This is the story for many: you get inside and you work your butt of serving the church as best you can. Then when you start to taste bitter to the church or you've lost your flavor or you upset it's stomach, you're spit out. Fast! Simple as that.If you're not being chewed up and spit out by the church it is for a few … [Read more...]

going into church alive and coming out dead

SHOP FOR MY ART!I drew this cartoon and posted it first in December of 2006! Wow. I've been cartooning for a while now. At that time I was a pastor of a local church. I wasn't into that whole "dead believer" kind of mentality... you know... God's frozen chosen and so on. I was more interested in not killing people with bad theology. Or manipulation. Or spiritual abuse.You see, I think this happens a lot: people go to church hoping to hear some good news but leave spiritually … [Read more...]

Jesus in the foundations of the church

There are highly quality fine art reproductions of this cartoon available here.THE LASTING SUPPER ONLINE COMMUNITY … [Read more...]

what does stiff neck mean?

In the bible, stiff-neck refers to inflexible obstinacy. It doesn't necessarily point to any specific sin. It simply describes someone who is unwilling to change. It is a stubborn attitude resistant to transformation.At the root of the biblical message is transformation. Change. Paul was right to indicate that true transformation begins in the mind: "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12: 2). Behavior modification is one thing. Mind modification is another.Actually, … [Read more...]

the bible and magical thinking

What came first? The magical thinking or the bible? Do our minds crave magic and we use the bible to substantiate this? Or did the bible encourage us to start thinking magically?Actually it's not a very good question because the bible was written by men. Ancient men from ancient cultures where magic was just as much a part of the intellectual landscape as it is today, if not more so. No... actually I don't think any more so because we still think magically.True liberation from this … [Read more...]

a deconstruction of Mark Driscoll’s tweet about Obama

For those of you who don't know, Mark Driscoll is pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, who has become quite a controversial figure in today's church and Christianity, as well as curiously popular. … [Read more...]

the kiss of Judas and religion

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mix fear and the need for love

It took me while to get this cartoon right. My greatest concern was communicating what the demon is saying without making abused persons feel they were being blamed for their abuse. It's not their fault. Rather, I wanted to emphasize how those in power can take advantage of human needs, fears and desires to accomplish their goals.Buy original art! … [Read more...]

sexual orientation in heaven

It's all a matter of perspective. It's from where you perceive. The judger is the judged. The condemner is the condemned.But! The includer is the included.Purchase my original paintings, drawings and cartoons, as well as prints in my shop! … [Read more...]

Jesus Nightmare

Poor Jesus has no idea what's in store for his name.Nor does his poor mother.And we've yet to see the end of it.As for me, I'm changing things right here in my own heart.I have some paintings, original Sophias, cartoons and prints available! … [Read more...]