God with attachments included

You can get a fine art reproduction of this cartoon, as well as other art, cartoons, and Sophias, in my store.Attachments should augment the product, not diminish or dilute it.So many attachments! So many accoutrements!I realize that along with some things other things come along as well. Like my marriage: I've got love and I got bills. But bills are part of the package to help sustain our love.Attachments that get in the way: cut them loose.Check out The Lasting Supper, a … [Read more...]

the guilt crane

Is guilt the biggest commodity of religion?Guilt is a useful tool to secure a loyal addiction.I don't buy the simplistic and cruel belief that a god would make you feel guilty just so he can forgive you, only to slip into the same cycle again. Do you?Come over to davidhayward.ca where we learn and support one another in how to live without guilt and shame. … [Read more...]