my take on Christmas from the cradle to the cross

MY 2 DAY BOXING SALE 50% OFF ALL MY ART SHOP NOW! (Use coupon code 'boxing'.)I moderate an online community called The Lasting Supper. One of the things I do is send out a letter every week straight to the members' inboxes. I thought I would share last week's newsletter, which is basically my take on the Christmas story. Here it is:Do you remember that part in the movie "Braveheart" where William Wallace appears to a huge crowd of Scottish soldiers to lead them, but because they've never … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from God the Son

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a wonderful day. … [Read more...]

Jesus as an evil baby genius

I'm in a coffee shop posting this because my home has had no power for a couple of days. But I have my family, we can gather around our woodstove, eat good food and drink wine while talking with our iTunes playing in the background.I hope you all have a happy holiday season.SHOP THE LASTING SUPPER … [Read more...]

how Christmas shopping can be like church

So there you have it!You can shop and go to church, you can be a consumer and a Christian, a capitalist and a Christ-follower, all at the same time! Woohoo!gallery … [Read more...]

a deconstruction of the christmas message

I know I put a link to our online community every day, but I don't talk about it at length very often. I'm inviting you to join us. There are over 330 of us presently. Here are the main values you get from being a member:You will realize you're not crazy. You, with your unique and independent journey, will be validated. You will get resources to inform your spiritual life that are hard to find because you may be in a kind of no-man's-land. You will meet others who are experiencing the … [Read more...]

God, Santa, and the help

*** My online store is full of affordable art for you to acquire!The mythology of the fall of Satan and his angels is fascinating.My favorite book on the subject? René Girard's "I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning".I hope you all are having a good holiday season. Like the elf and angel, drink up! I raise a glass to you all.THE LASTING SUPPER … [Read more...]

a star wasn’t born

This is definitely my most popular Christmas cartoon to date! You can get a print of it here.The story of Jesus definitely emphasizes his humble origins with peasants and foreigners attending. It wasn't a photo op. Noticeably, there are no stars, heroes, luminaries, leaders or powerful people.Those with power or influence missed it or opposed it.Want community? … [Read more...]

the birth of Jesus and office supplies

Want a reproduction of this cartoon? Go to my online store!I guess this is a shout out to Staples. That's where I get all my office supplies.There's something deliciously fun about drawing cartoons for Christmas. I hope you enjoy them nearly as much as I do.It's okay to be happy. … [Read more...]

the spiritual significance of Jesus riding on a donkey

You can buy a high quality reproduction of this cartoon, as well as tons of my other artwork, in my online store!'Tis the season to be jolly! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha!I hope I can at least make you smile.The Lasting Supper where we can both cry and laugh! … [Read more...]

the real theological reason Jesus was born in a barn

Aren't you amazed by the vast variety of endless stuff out there circulating around Jesus? Mesmerizing! It just goes to show how much grace there must be because literally anything goes. We can believe, say and do pretty much anything!So I focus on eradicating the abusive, discriminatory, hateful, ridiculous or damaging bullshit. The stuff that causes people to suffer.Can we make this a less toxic Christmas for at least one person this year?The Lasting Supper My art shop … [Read more...]