tribute cartoon for Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert, probably the most influential film critic ever, has died at age 70. His famous thumbs up or down could make or break a film.We spoke a few years ago. I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Ebert when he used my cartoon drawn in sympathy for Christopher Hitchens when he was dying of cancer. He posted it in The Chicago Sun Times.The cruel and unusual verbal attack Hitchens suffered from Christians on top of his illness was so disgusting to me, I felt the least I could do … [Read more...]

let us mourn together

If something claims to be true, then it should invite even the most severe critiques. Then whatever is discovered not to be true should be rejected. And whatever is decided to be true, even that should be held loosely, tenuously and humbly.This is why some defenses of the bible and theology seem to betray fear more than infallibility.Buy the original drawing OR Buy a print of this cartoon.I have two books of cartoons and writings available on Amazon: CLICK HERE! … [Read more...]

cartoon: Christopher Hitchens is Dying

We never cease to amaze me. When I read that some Christians are praying for the famously outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens to die, well… we never cease to amaze me. He is dying of esophageal cancer. I created this indisputable cartoon as a reminder to all of us… all of us… that all paths lead to the grave. I know what happens after that is where the guns start firing. And, for the record, I don't believe in the god that Christopher Hitchens doesn't believe in either. I do wish him well. … [Read more...]