layoffs in hell

Part of my task is to comb the internet to find out what's happening in the world. I read a lot of news, especially if it involves religion, specifically Christianity and the church.There are a lot of good things happening out there. But what is most in my face is the the meanness that takes place between people, even if they ought to be on the same page.I know when I post my cartoons and thoughts I'm taking a big risk because I'm exposing myself to criticism. I know I know I know... I … [Read more...]

It’s Our Fault Millennials Are Leaving the Church

I know this cartoon will be a trigger for some of you, and I apologize that I couldn't warn you before you saw it if it was.Rachel Held Evans wrote a post, "Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church". More people are weighing in. So I drew this cartoon in response to David French's post, "Why Are Millennials Leaving the Church? The Narcissism Factor".French's concern for the church is apparent. His willingness to accept responsibility for the mess is admirable. Also, to examine other … [Read more...]

it is still difficult for pastors to leave the ministry

I wrote this a year ago. It still applies. I frequently talk with pastors, and the struggle they are enduring is unbelievable. It's believable to me though because I've experienced it and experience it still. This is what I wrote a year ago and I repost it in total because I would say the exact same thing today.I am a pastor who left the ministry. It was one of the most difficult decisions and transitions I ever made. It's not just a matter of changing one's career. It is much more complex … [Read more...]

breaking in the pastor or the church

This really does happen. I know this for a fact. How do I know? Because as a pastor this is what I used to think of new churches I was sent to serve. And the people of the church have told me outright that this is exactly their attitude is towards new pastors coming in.What if there was the attitude that we accept each other as we are? Appreciate one another as we are? Love one another as we are?This is very rare and therefore very precious.SHOP … [Read more...]

a shark’s welcome

Hopefully, and if so, fortunately, most churches and pastors aren't like this. But there are enough of them out there that it can make it dangerous for some folks.Like this poor guy here. He's trying to find a place. But sooner or later there's not going to be anything left of him.You can purchase my art and prints HERE! … [Read more...]

hearing from God restricted

(I made the cartoon better by removing the words. More powerful I think.)Well, some might believe this to be true.But those who love know it's not. … [Read more...]

web of deceit

This has certainly been the experience of many. It looks inviting. But they didn't realize it was going to cost them their souls. They also couldn't predict how difficult it was going to be to extricate themselves from it.I'm holding a webinar tonight on "Is Spiritual Independence Okay?" Sign up HERE.You can purchase originals and prints of my art by clicking here. (If there's one you're looking for and can't find, let me know!) … [Read more...]


Purchase a fine art print of this cartoon!We are lonely in the universe. We can surround ourselves with other people, but as long as we aren't living openly with ourselves then we will continue to experience this loneliness. Plus it helps to find at least one other person. I have a few people locally who I am open with. Especially my wife Lisa. Then a few local friends. That is slowly growing. Plus I am meeting people online who alleviate my feelings of loneliness.If you are having to hide … [Read more...]

serial killer

Purchase a print of this cartoon!How many of you have gone through something like this? … [Read more...]

up against religion

Ya, sometimes this is how I feel. Little David with a pebble up against an ancient giant!You know, that church building represents religion, and I meet plenty of negative religion outside of church walls as well. In fact, some of the most ferociously religious people I've met have been outside the church.The kind of religion I'm up against is the kind that taunts and degrades people, attempts to control them, manipulates them and shames them, that limits rational thought, critical thinking … [Read more...]