three in one

Purchase the original or a print of this drawing.If the bible and the church has too much authority in your life, then the god of this equation is false. Some would say they are all false.Why did you give a book and an organization so much control over your life? Why are you afraid to say no to them? Why are you scared of your own spiritual independence?I would suggest that only when you are free from the blinding authority of the bible and the church will any clarity come as to what "god" … [Read more...]

question exclamations

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somebody that i used to know

This cartoon is based on the popular and much over-played song by Gotye. You know the one. Thanks to my friend William Lehman for the idea.Is this true for you?Purchase the original drawing, or buy a print of the cartoon.***(Have you checked out yet?)*** … [Read more...]

hoop jumping

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love is greater than

If only we could get this straight. This is easy math. It's a simply equation.Did you read my post last night Why it is Hard to Leave the Church? Lots of reaction to it.Buy the the original drawing, or buy a print of this cartoon! … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: miss going

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you can stay or leave

I have always felt it is of utmost importance to allow people their right to choose and walk their own spiritual walk, no matter where they are or where it might lead. It's their right! Respect it.Did you know it is possible to help people leave the church, stay in the church, stay away from the church, return to the church, or to become an atheist, or to choose another religion? It's their choice. Respect it.Yesterday I got two separate emails from two different people. I kind of shook my … [Read more...]

freedom isn’t a bigger cage

We can go on making our small choices, ‘reinventing ourselves’ thoroughly, on condition that these choices do not seriously disturb the social and ideological balance (Zizek). There is a difference between "formal freedom" and "actual freedom". Formal freedom is when we are permitted to make choices within a given system or ideology. Actual freedom is when we question the very structure that grants us formal freedom to the point of undermining its power over us altogether.Perhaps, like me, you … [Read more...]

show your struggle

If you haven't read Henri Nouwen's, The Wounded Healer, I recommend you do.****You can buy a print of this cartoon TODAY at 30% OFF: CLICK HERE**** … [Read more...]

once a pastor always a pastor

… those who believed themselves to have a vocation, a call, needed to reach a stage in their development when they knew that the constraint had not been quite of the kind they originally thought, but rather an inevitable outcome of their temperament, upbringing, and the particular problems they had (Monica Furlong, Merton, p. 334). I've appreciated that quote for years. At first I didn't because it challenged my super-spiritual belief in a supernatural call to the ministry. But after years of h … [Read more...]