teacher of the truth

I learned a lot through the church. I'm thankful for that. But what I've also learned is what I needed to unlearn because of the church. I also learned that there's much to learn that the church prefers to prevent. This is not always the case. But it seems to be generally true for many.I provide one on one spiritual coaching. Especially for those going through spiritual transition. Would you like to talk?¬†Click here. … [Read more...]

separating from toxic relationships

No friends are better than bad friends.I was just talking to a friend recently who said she needed to change her friends. I told her I've done it a few times. Even my own children have decided to do it recently.It's not easy. It is very difficult. There are times of real loneliness. But it is better than drowning in a sea of toxicity, codependence, and negativity.This is one of the more difficult realities of leaving a church community. If you have relationships there but they are toxic, … [Read more...]

one minute message: “breaking up is hard to do with the church”

Hey everyone. Welcome to another One Minute Message. Share with all your friends and family. If you dare.Have you read my two books? I think you'd like them. Order them HERE. … [Read more...]

why it is so difficult for pastors to leave the ministry

I am a pastor who left the ministry. It was one of the most difficult decisions and transitions I ever made. It's not just a matter of changing one's career. It is much more complex than that.Here's why:money: Like any other career change, it is very frightening to let your salary go. Even if it might be an insufficient one, it is still difficult to let go of your guaranteed income. Most pastors have no idea how they will provide support for themselves and their families if they … [Read more...]

late or absent

LATE OR ABSENT: (buy a print of this cartoon HERE)I posted another One Minute Message, "In Praise of Pioneers", on YouTube HERE. … [Read more...]

so crowded so lonely

You know if you aren't here now you certainly have been. For one thing, it is normal to experience periods of alienation even when surrounded by loved ones. But if it's chronic, it's time to start asking some important questions.I make time available at a reasonable rate if you need to talk. email me … [Read more...]

for they know not

Most church leaders are sincere and have no malicious intent to hurt people. They are ordinary, good and sincere people who desire to serve their churches well. I love the church and I love those who try to serve the people who compose it.The problem is the power of systemic forces. In every hurtful situation I've experienced in the church, even the severest, I believe that the perpetrators of harm meant well. But they were so overwhelmed by the needs of the system they were serving that they … [Read more...]

our god bites

OUR GOD BITES: (buy a print of this cartoon.)What's funny is that I know some people will read this and say, "Well, yes, God does bite!"There are as many views on God out there as there are people.Does your god bite? … [Read more...]

an unnecessary match made

AN UNNECESSARY MATCH: (buy a print of this cartoon-->click here)The bible and questions belong together. Even the bible itself is full of questions. Unanswered ones too. Religion without questions is tyranny. And stupid. And loveless.But too many would see the bible and questions as enemies.It's an unnecessary match made.I have 2 books of cartoons, paper or Kindle: CLICK HERE. … [Read more...]

the best feature

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