some personal insight

Something I’ve learned about myself, and human nature in general, is that the better angels of our nature have corresponding demons. We have a dark side. I don’t think our virtues eliminate our faults. Our flesh, although put to death, still struggles for prominence. Our task is to notice this but not submit to it. We allow the good fruit of our lives to grow in the crappy culture of our darker selves.For instance, some people thank me for preaching grace in new and clear ways for them. In … [Read more...]

pastor’s kid: the brat emergent

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painful grace

Thomas Merton: We must be ready to cooperate not only with graces that console, but with graces that humiliate us. Not only with lights that exalt us, but with lights that blast our self-complacency. Much of our coldness and dryness in prayer may well be a kind of unconscious defence against grace. Without realizing it, we allow our nature to de-sensitize our souls so that we cannot perceive graces which we intuitively foresee may prove to be painful. … [Read more...]

some meat to chew on

I'm plowing through Torrance's meaty book, Theological Science. It's packed full of good stuff, but I just wanted to share this quote with you: Jesus will always prove intractably enigmatic, indeed an impossible subject for plastic representation of any kind, precisely because He is a Subject who by His very nature resists being subjected to what we deem to be observable being interpreted exclusively in terms of cosmic perceptibility (p. 23). … [Read more...]

only a story

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concepts or life

"No one has any obligations to a concept; that is what is so agreeable about conceptuality- it promises protection from experience. The spirit does not dwell in concepts, but in deeds and in facts" (Carl Jung). … [Read more...]

demons and exorcism

I came across this video on another Canadian Christian blogger Tim Challies, and thought I would post it. Check it out and make a comment. It would be interesting to hear what other people think about this. I kinda chuckled at Diane Sawyer's response... that it was a puzzle to her. What can you say? CHECK IT OUT HERE. There are some disturbing scenes, and it isn't just the "demons". Apparently, you can be free of a demon for as little as $20! … [Read more...]