how some churches manage the accusation of abuse

I'm not speaking theoretically here. This is real. These responses are ones I've either inflicted or been afflicted by. I'm not making this up. When some churches are confronted with the accusation of abuse… spiritual, emotional, sexual… whatever… these are some of the ways they manage it:EXPOSURE: When new people come with claims of abuse from a previous church, some pastors, even though they want the new members, fear the possibility that these people are complainers and may raise suspi … [Read more...]

Feed, don’t eat, my sheep!

I know many people argue that the shepherd sheep analogy is no longer helpful. In many ways yes. In some ways no.I like good food. I don't like being devoured. There's a lot of nutritious food out there. Learn what is good for you. Avoid Christian cannibals.There is a place that I provide where we promise not to eat you and spit you out, but provide nourishing food for your spiritual journey with others. Think of joining The Lasting Supper. … [Read more...]

the church changed its methods but still uses torture

ORDER A NICE PRINT OF THIS CARTOON FOR JUST $25!Torture has been used to extract information or a confession. The church used to inflict torture to invite, encourage or force a confession. There are people who still torture themselves in order to encourage themselves to fall in line with their own expectations or the expectations of others forced upon them.We still hear the odd story of a church using physical methods to extract a confession. In a way, sitting through one hour of a … [Read more...]

the church and the normalization of abuse

Some time ago I wrote a post that became very popular, Why I Wouldn't Attend Pastor Steepek's Church. But it became popular for the wrong reasons.I was alarmed at the response. Actually, saddened. The overwhelming reaction was that it is not only legitimate but necessary and even divine to use shame to motivate church members. I used to think that spiritual abuse was happening enough to be a concern. Now I think it is prevalent.My conclusion: the church normalizes abuse and cultivates a … [Read more...]

a mountain of harmed people found in the foundations

Because I am in the business of analyzing and critiquing religion, including abuses within the church, I suppose I might hear a lot more about the people who are harmed than some. I get messages every day from people with their horrific and sad stories.But you can just read the news to see that the stories of church and spiritual abuse are refreshed daily.Some leaders and public figures will do anything to gain and retain their popular status and the growth of their ministries.Where … [Read more...]