rare picture of Jesus with his imaginary friend

So much of the love goes only one way.The relationship between the church, Christians and Jesus has always been problematic.I'm passionately interested in it.***THE LASTING SUPPER ONLINE COMMUNITY … [Read more...]

Did the church chew you up and spit you out?

This is not true for everybody. But it is true for many. I've been chewed up and spit out of churches. I've also left on my own accord. At the beginning it all seems good. This is the story for many: you get inside and you work your butt of serving the church as best you can. Then when you start to taste bitter to the church or you've lost your flavor or you upset it's stomach, you're spit out. Fast! Simple as that.If you're not being chewed up and spit out by the church it is for a few … [Read more...]

how some churches manage the accusation of abuse

I'm not speaking theoretically here. This is real. These responses are ones I've either inflicted or been afflicted by. I'm not making this up. When some churches are confronted with the accusation of abuse… spiritual, emotional, sexual… whatever… these are some of the ways they manage it:EXPOSURE: When new people come with claims of abuse from a previous church, some pastors, even though they want the new members, fear the possibility that these people are complainers and may raise suspi … [Read more...]

going into church alive and coming out dead

SHOP FOR MY ART!I drew this cartoon and posted it first in December of 2006! Wow. I've been cartooning for a while now. At that time I was a pastor of a local church. I wasn't into that whole "dead believer" kind of mentality... you know... God's frozen chosen and so on. I was more interested in not killing people with bad theology. Or manipulation. Or spiritual abuse.You see, I think this happens a lot: people go to church hoping to hear some good news but leave spiritually … [Read more...]

Jesus in the foundations of the church

There are highly quality fine art reproductions of this cartoon available here.THE LASTING SUPPER ONLINE COMMUNITY … [Read more...]

God with attachments included

You can get a fine art reproduction of this cartoon, as well as other art, cartoons, and Sophias, in my store.Attachments should augment the product, not diminish or dilute it.So many attachments! So many accoutrements!I realize that along with some things other things come along as well. Like my marriage: I've got love and I got bills. But bills are part of the package to help sustain our love.Attachments that get in the way: cut them loose.Check out The Lasting Supper, a … [Read more...]

believing in the physical resurrection: do’s and don’t’s

This morning I drew a cartoon and wrote a brief post on the discussion between Tony Jones and Marcus Borg on the physical material resurrection of the body of Jesus.I had two cartoons, so here's the second one.Do you want a safe space to discuss your doubts and questions? Come join The Lasting Supper. … [Read more...]

theological progression or regression?

I talk about this idea quite a bit in my Z Theory.The biblical story, as diversified as it is theologically, still presents, in my opinion, a unified idea that God emptied himself into Jesus, that Jesus left and sent the Spirit in his stead, and that the Spirit is now represented in the loving human collective.It is like the waterfalls dream I had in which I knew that above the rim was an infinite source, yet it continually poured itself out over the rim to be made manifest in the … [Read more...]

a pastor who wants to just stop

(Purchase a print of this cartoon, One of You.)Sometimes I feel the need to do a cartoon such as this one to show that I do not hate the church or despise pastors and congregations. I have an inexplicable love for the church, an abiding respect for the pastoral ministry, and an affectionate concern for members of a church.Some mistake my analysis of the church as disdain for it. Some mistake my critique of the pitfalls of pastoral ministry as a disgust for it. Some mistake my commentary … [Read more...]

questions for steeples

You can buy my art, cartoons, and Sophias, both original work and reproductions, in my gallery.Someone sent me a picture of a cross being removed from a church steeple. I immediately imagined it being replaced with a huge question mark.Question everything. Let yourself doubt.Don't be afraid as you enter the land of promise rather than the land of guarantees.Need a safe place to question along with others? Come and join us at The Lasting Supper. … [Read more...]