what God looks like

As requested, I'm leaving my 50% OFF SALE on for another day or two, so take advantage of it. You could even buy a fine quality reproduction of this cartoon, "What God Looks Like", in my in my store. Just use the coupon code 'boxing' for your discount.I hope you're having a lovely holiday. … [Read more...]

three in one

Purchase the original or a print of this drawing.If the bible and the church has too much authority in your life, then the god of this equation is false. Some would say they are all false.Why did you give a book and an organization so much control over your life? Why are you afraid to say no to them? Why are you scared of your own spiritual independence?I would suggest that only when you are free from the blinding authority of the bible and the church will any clarity come as to what "god" … [Read more...]

question exclamations

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the god box

Purchase the original or a print of this cartoon!I'm sorry I drew God with a lumpy butt. I'm sure he's quite fit, since he's probably on the Bible Diet.Yesterday I tweeted this: There is such peace beyond the walls of beliefs. In fact, this is where true happiness is found. It caused a bit of a stir because belief is such an important feature of religion.We must agree, though, that the Mystery, the Source, the All-in-all, is certainly beyond the limitations of what we believe. Assuredly! … [Read more...]

fresh meat

Purchase the original drawing or a print of this cartoon!This poor guy. I wonder how long he will last.I was actually inspired to draw this because someone bought another one of my original knife-in-the-back cartoons yesterday. This picture popped into my mind. So I drew it.Backbiting and stabbing is so normalized that people expect it now. What about a community that actually tries to be free of this? That's what we're building over at davidhayward.ca. If you say, "Impossible, because … [Read more...]

female flood

Purchase the original pen and ink, or a print of this drawing!Many years ago when I realized I was depressed and felt hopelessly trapped in the Presbyterian Church ministry, I had a dream that changed everything. I realized upon waking that I wasn't trapped at all! I was free. But I was also lost. How do we proceed from here?It didn't take long for me to realize that my wife Lisa was more in tune with what was happening. Her intuition, her sense of the new terrain, was uncanny. It used to be … [Read more...]

heavenly surprise

*** Purchase a print of this cartoon! ***This is an oldie I drew a while ago and is quite popular. My views of heaven and the afterlife have changed. Actually, my heart and mind are far more at peace now that I've let a lot of my literalism go. Heaven is a metaphor for a deeper and more significant meaning, such as living a full life of compassion and unity with all beings and the earth now.Eternity is held in a moment. … [Read more...]

force fed

Purchase the original or a print of this drawing.I was talking with a friend the other day about the whole idea of the importance of being able to question beliefs, ideas or theologies that are passed on to us. He told me how he grew up in church and how he loved it. But one day in Sunday school, when he was about 12 years old, he asked the priest a question about what he was teaching. The priest just looked at him and said, "You just have to have faith!" My friend said that's precisely the … [Read more...]

one love two stories

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mind of his own

Purchase this picture!Have you ever felt this way? Like maybe there was something seriously wrong with you? Like people really thought that maybe something had snapped inside your head? Like maybe you should see a doctor? Like maybe you'll hopefully get better soon? … [Read more...]