people who come out are my heroes

(*** You can purchase a high-quality reproduction of this cartoon HERE.)Honestly, people who come out are my heroes. The incredible courage it takes and the incredible risk they take is phenomenally admirable.In my experience and observation the two most risky issues to come out on are sexual and spiritual. These two seem to be the most taboo. And I applaud those who come out sexually and spiritually.But there are situations where coming out is too risky. Not just Russia or the Bible … [Read more...]

coming out as a way of life

This is just this baby's first coming out. There will be a lot more to come.If we have enough courage, we will all come out many, many times.If we have enough conviction to be true, we will come out often.I'm sure many of you have already come out in one way or another more than once.Maybe you came out as an atheist. Or as a believer. Or as a socialist. Or as a Republican. Or as transgender. Or as an artist. Or as a monk.Come out! Make it your way of life. … [Read more...]

the son comes out to his mom

Own original art! … [Read more...]