church, community and huggles

I believe in the the power of authentic community┬ábecause I've experienced it and experience it still.One of the church's greatest potential assets is community. Of course, where we may most succeed is also where we may most fail. But I have experienced the power of authentic community in a church context, and really there's nothing like it. I have heard of similar experiences in AA and similar 12-step programs, as well as other religious and interest groups. If you've experienced true … [Read more...]

a pastor who wants to just stop

(Purchase a print of this cartoon, One of You.)Sometimes I feel the need to do a cartoon such as this one to show that I do not hate the church or despise pastors and congregations. I have an inexplicable love for the church, an abiding respect for the pastoral ministry, and an affectionate concern for members of a church.Some mistake my analysis of the church as disdain for it. Some mistake my critique of the pitfalls of pastoral ministry as a disgust for it. Some mistake my commentary … [Read more...]