prayer from the cell: Sunday mornings

Sunday morning's are amazingly peaceful. They are full of blessing. Presence abounds. Benediction reigns. I rarely say a word.That is my confession. … [Read more...]

confession and control

Norman Fairclough, in his fascinating study "Language and Power", says that because institutions have been forced to use less direct ways of securing and exercising power, that many institutions have launched a counter-offensive. He suggests that providing counseling is just one of these counter-offensives which has colonized workplaces, schools, etc.: This is superficially indicative of an unwonted sensitivity to individual needs and problems. But it seems in some cases at least to have been … [Read more...]

nightmare confession

Imagine! How will Bill preach this morning?Probably with a lot more humility and tentativeness. His "boldness", rather than grounded in his presumptuous pontifications, will be grounded more in the certainty of a profound Mystery and a fathomless Compassion for all.He will now see that Truth is a destination he is travelling toward rather than a base from which he launches attacks.Buy a print of this cartoon. Own the original drawing. I published a book of my cartoons!, … [Read more...]


someone emailed me yesterday to say that she'd visited our church a couple of times a few years ago. i'll keep her anonymous, but i want to tell you what she wrote. i hear from people once in a while and they all basically have the same thing to say. here's what she said: I liked it! Very unpretentious, unthreatening, conversational, and communal. There was art on the wall, and people just interrupted you in the middle of your sermons with comments and questions. And there was coffee. It was … [Read more...]

some personal insight

Something I’ve learned about myself, and human nature in general, is that the better angels of our nature have corresponding demons. We have a dark side. I don’t think our virtues eliminate our faults. Our flesh, although put to death, still struggles for prominence. Our task is to notice this but not submit to it. We allow the good fruit of our lives to grow in the crappy culture of our darker selves.For instance, some people thank me for preaching grace in new and clear ways for them. In … [Read more...]