one minute message “critique is important

Give a listen as I briefly explain why I think critique is important.It makes me wanna be a better man! … [Read more...]

religious graffiti

Graffiti, such as the graffiti of my favorite graffiti artist Banksy, even if it is truthful, is against the law. Not just because it "defaces" a property, but also because it challenges the powers that rule over that property.I get emails every day from people who say they're going to take the risk of posting one of my cartoons on their blog or Facebook. They tell me that they are sure to lose friends. But they feel the cartoon communicates something so truthful to them and so important that … [Read more...]

Not In or Out

Now that I am not on the payroll of a church, I have no voice. I am "just a layman". I don't have any authority to critique the church. This is not just the opinion of some, but an inner conflict I've wrestled with for years.Strange! When I had authority in the church, as a pastor, I wasn't allowed to critique it because that was disloyal. I was biting the hand that feeds me. It was disrespectful and hypocritical.Now that I am no longer a pastor I'm not allowed because I'm no longer a part … [Read more...]

Quarter of a Century

I've left the professional ministry. I was ordained 25 years ago. I was a student minister before that. It has been a long hard haul. But I've gradually come to the realization that I can no longer work inside of the system. I no longer seem to fit within the institution. This is not to say that I don't believe in the church. I absolutely do. But my relationship to the organization has definitely changed. This blog has always been about my critique of the church… not the good part, but the o … [Read more...]

Why I Do What I Do

I don't at this time want to divulge all the abuses that has happened to me in the church from the hands of its leaders and members. For many reasons. One is that those experiences carry a significance for me that is sacred. To tell you about them diminishes their gravity. Perhaps one day. But another reason is that I don't know how to do it in ways that wouldn't inflict the same harm upon the perpetrators. They are still within the church, the same universal tribe I am still a part of, and to … [Read more...]

Pure Reason for Critique

Lisa does not hesitate to sit me down and draw to my attention things that I've done or said that are wrong or hurtful. Like a skilled surgeon, she will take that incident and trace its cancerous shoots back to the ugly root that is embedded in my fallen brain with its sinful thought-patterns. I'd do the same for her. I never ever question her love for me. In fact, this kind of exercise is profound evidence of her love. This is what love does.The truth should set you free. So anything that … [Read more...]