take your soul

While I was drawing this cartoon, I was listening to "Elysium", the theme song from the film Gladiator. Now there was a man who, even though they took everything else, didn't let them take his soul.Even though Jesus didn't say these words, I think they are heard.(I'm still inviting new members to join my more intimate site, davidhayward. Some amazing stories, as well as resources for spiritual transition!)Purchase the original drawing, or purchase a print of this drawing. … [Read more...]


The key to understanding Jesus and most of the New Testament, the real secret, is the cross. Failure to recognize this is doomed for a more critical failure.The cross intersects straight through human experience. It doesn't help to deny it, ignore it, wish it away, or mutate it into something marketable. So many of us and our churches are doing everything possible to flee from the reality of human suffering. It is a permanent fixture in the world.Once that is admitted and truly seen, then … [Read more...]

cartoon: my pain

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