No Fear Jesus

Buy a reproduction of this drawing!This doesn't mean Jesus wasn't afraid. Fear is natural. What he is saying is that he didn't allow his fear to rule over him. Didn't the theologian Karl Barth say "Courage is fear getting back in the saddle"? Or was that John Wayne?That's the trick, isn't it?I love the courage of my friends at The Lasting Supper. Come join us. … [Read more...]

spinning everything in our favor

Religion is a business.The church, along with other religious organizations, has learned the art of spinning everything in its favor to ensure its longevity.The cross that began as an unfortunate embarrassment has become a money-making machine. … [Read more...]

Mother Teresa and the fatal love of suffering

When I was studying for my Masters in Theology, I took some Patristics courses… the early church and apostolic fathers. It was fascinating studying the martyrs like Polycarp, Ignatius and Justin Martyr because they wanted to be martyred. It was such an honor, such a sacrifice, such a guarantee of eternal reward, that they seemed to do anything in their power to get killed for their faith. They took as their examples Jesus who did not open his mouth to defend himself, thereby cementing his e … [Read more...]

competition after the cross

In the shadow of the cross, where we all are, a lot of what we do really doesn't make sense. Does it? … [Read more...]