good friday

Today's Good Friday. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.For Easter weekend, all my artwork is 50% OFF!! Click -->HERE … [Read more...]

crucify the question

Jesus represented a question no one could bear. So they crucified it.We still do.For Easter weekend, all my artwork is 50% OFF!! Click -->HERE … [Read more...]

Jesus Wore a Hoodie

GALLERY                 BOOKS … [Read more...]

question everything

Question absolutely everything! Questions are a most excellent way of dismantling our present illusions and opening the mind to new dimensions of thought and even wisdom.If something cannot withstand the question then it doesn't deserve to stand.Question everything, despite the cost!GALLERY                 BOOKS … [Read more...]

Jesus Giving You a Hand

The cross cannot be avoided. Take it up or it will take you up.One way or another you will find yourself upon it.Check out my books that are full of cartoons. Check out my my gallery to buy originals and prints. … [Read more...]

to be like Jesus

Bottom line: Be careful what you pray for. Be careful what you want. You might just get it.Our soul's deepest yearnings might be to be good, wise and compassionate. But it takes a gruelling education to get there.It's called the cross of life. … [Read more...]

love everybody

I believe in love and its power to transform the world. But I am not naive enough to think it is a sentimental notion... all touchy-feely with warm fuzzies. It's an austere road that takes courage to travel. When someone says "Why can't we all just love one another?", sometimes I wonder if they are aware of just how dangerous that is?Actually, no one has said it better than James Fowler in his book Stages of Faith. In reference to stage 6, or "Universalizing Faith", the stage that few people … [Read more...]

Crucified on the Question

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" You can't exegete your way out of the despair in that universal question.The cross is a metaphor for the mysterious suffering of all humanity. It is where we cry, "It is finished!", but where we hope to hear, "This is enough!"Buy the original drawing. Buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

Offering Up Our Lambs

Someone once told me to keep my head down or someone will shoot it off. Many times I've been advised to be discreet for my own safety. History is clear: if you shine too much you're in danger. If you excel you are at risk. If you beckon the best in us you may become our sacrifice.Visit my online gallery where you can buy my most popular cartoons and art. … [Read more...]

think of the money

It's one thing when money is generated and circulated as a matter of course. Even the gospels suggest that Jesus needed money and used it. Luke 8 says that there were a group of women who supported him from their own resources. And even if he got his money from the mouth of a fish, he still used it to pay taxes. Gandhi. ML King Jr.. Mother Teresa. The Dalai Lama. Very valid efforts that required or require money. That's life. No problem.But it's another thing when someone sees religion or … [Read more...]