there’s always someone to love

There's always someone to love. We can start with ourselves and work out from there.Sure, there are risks involved. But the reward is worth it.I see two people right now that I can love. Plus my dog. And there's a whole world out there.There's no sending needed. They're already here. … [Read more...]

the real left behind

Whenever anyone says that the church has abandoned Jesus, I take that accusation seriously.Lots of people notice... anyone from comedian Bill Maher who says that Christians obviously aren't following Jesus' instructions to Gandhi who said that he liked Christ but he did not like Christians because they are so unlike Christ... I take this seriously.But so do church theologians who find clever ways to theologically explain away this incongruence... such as we are born miserable sinners and … [Read more...]

Sophia continues her journey

I'm continuing to work on Sophia. My goal is to have 52 drawn so that I can create a book with a drawing per week along with meditations, poetry, stories, and testimonials from fans of Sophia... what she means to you. I'm looking forward to initiating that project once the drawings are completed. I'm almost there!These are three original drawings... miniatures technically called ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) in the art world. They measure 2.5"x3.5" (the size of collectible sports … [Read more...]

interviewed by 5 Pillars Coaching

My friend Nick Pereira of 5 Pillars Coaching interviewed me, so I thought I would post it here for you guys to get a glimpse of me and a little more of what I'm about. I talk more about my new site, so it might help you to understand what we're doing over there. Actually, it's a dream come true for me. I'm LOVING IT!We're planning on doing a webinar in a few weeks that we'll invite you to join if you're interested. It's theme is "Is Spiritual Independence Okay?" and it will … [Read more...]

offerings down

I kid you not: this is a weekly anxiety for many pastors. When you have the building, staff and expenses of all kinds, the amount of weekly offerings is crucial. It can mean life or death. Every every every pastor wants to know what the "take" is every Sunday as soon as it is counted. I've heard of some pastors wanting to know via a sign at the back so that if they were lower than needed he could preach up more money. I was at one service where the offering plate was passed around 5 times. I kid … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing Nightmare

This is one of those times when I was drawing what I didn't understand. Only as I was drawing it did it begin to dawn on me what my subconscious was communicating. Remember: Sophia is me. Sophia is you.Sophia is having a nightmare in which she is confronted with her worst fear: dismemberment, dis-integration, dis-jointedness.As many of you know from Sophia's story, her earlier years were not pleasant. She grew up under a severity, an abuse fueled by religious belief. I tried to portray this … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: W5 and how

Hey! Have you visited my NEW STORE? (Don't forget your coupon code!) … [Read more...]

one love two stories

Purchase the original or a print of this picture. … [Read more...]

freebie friday 5 atheish t-shirts!

You are not an atheist, but neither are you not.I'm giving away 5 atheish t-shirts, thanks to the incredibly generous guys over at WhoopTee. Go check them out! Really nice folks. And did I say "generous"? I mean... 5 tees!!!!!¬†That means 5 winners!!!!!For a chance to win all you have to do is:1. leave a comment on this post. Even just "hi". You can be anonymous if you want. 2. you must sign up for my newsletter¬†(and you will receive my cartoon in your inbox every morning!)They will ship y … [Read more...]

mind of his own

Purchase this picture!Have you ever felt this way? Like maybe there was something seriously wrong with you? Like people really thought that maybe something had snapped inside your head? Like maybe you should see a doctor? Like maybe you'll hopefully get better soon? … [Read more...]