you’ve changed

One of the reasons change is so difficult is because of all the words that you must ignore. Most of the words are motivated by concern and even love. But often they are spoken out of a deep fear.It can make your individual journey more terrifying than it already is. You really just have to go for it.Purchase the original drawing or buy a print! … [Read more...]

indiscriminate rain

The rain pours down from the heavens, making everyone and everything that lies beneath it wet with its being. Of course, you can position yourself inside under a funnel and imagine that you are the only one receiving it. That you are special. That you are the only one except for those who gather there with you. But you're not. Are you? For the rain falls on all. All beings. All things. It aimlessly falls on everyone and everything. And it doesn't simply fall from the … [Read more...]


*** I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join my other site, It's an awesome online community of a great diversity of kind people waiting to listen to what you have to say. Or if you're the silent type, just listen in and learn! You are NOT alone on your journey. Honest! … [Read more...]

for god not for me

Whenever I felt that our obedience to or admiration of a leader was too great, this explanation was always used... that we were serving God, not the person in authority who was benefiting from it. Most people seem to buy it. Some don't.Unfortunately, these poor guys buy it and are working their butts off for it. Happy Labour Day!Purchase the original drawing or a print of this cartoon! … [Read more...]

seek me find me

Sometimes don't you wish you could just be found! That it would be okay to be where you are at?Check out my new store. (The same coupon codes apply!) … [Read more...]

foxhole atheist

You've heard the expression "There are no atheists in foxholes." Which means that everybody under extreme threat will seek out a divine power to intervene and save them. No one is quite sure who coined the phrase. Obviously a believer.I've witnessed it. Heck, I've done it!But I've also witnessed the opposite. Heck, I've even done that too! I've seen and personally experienced people under extreme threat who realize their faith has totally evaporated.I'm convinced that we need to get in … [Read more...]

freebie friday sophia notecards

Yay for another FREEBIE FRIDAY! I'm giving away a 6 Sophia notecards with envelopes (4.25"x5.5"). I've posted a picture above of the three themes: "Might", "Home" and "Cave". You can go to my online gallery to purchase my other artwork available if you want. (If you receive my newsletter or are a member of my other site, don't forget your discount coupon code.)For a chance to win all you have to do is:1. leave a comment on this post. Even just "hi". You can be anonymous if you want. 2. you … [Read more...]

new drawing rooted

Be like this tree that reaches high into the heavens while rooted deep into the earth.Purchase the original drawing, or buy a print of this drawing. … [Read more...]

abuse or persuasion

I can't count how many times this has been used on me. And when I resisted I was called a weakling. A wimp. A spiritual pussy.Here's how you can generally tell the difference: when you are abused you feel like something's wrong, but you tend to blame yourself; and when you are genuinely persuaded you feel that something just went right, and you tend to feel better about yourself.I share more personal stories about this over at my other site.Purchase the original drawing, or buy a print of … [Read more...]

oh the places you’ll go

You'll look up and down streets. Look 'em over with care. About some you will say, "I don't choose to go there." With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you're too smart to go down any not-so-good street.And you may not find any you'll want to go down. In that case, of course, you'll head straight out of town.It's opener there, in the wide open air.. .......Based on Dr. Seuss's final book before his death, this is a story about life's ups and downs, told by the … [Read more...]