A List on Building Community

I had an interesting and enjoyable conversation with a young man today. He wanted to talk with me about building a community based church. He said that there are all kinds of materials out there on traditional models of doing church. But there is hardly anything out there concerned with building a church that emphasizes relationship and community. Almost all material out there is on how to tweak style, not substance. He asked me if I knew of any. No, not much. He said that he's saved a file of … [Read more...]

Meetings and Connections

Hey everyone. Sorry I won't have a cartoon up today. I'm at a Vineyard leaders conference. I'm typing this post from my iPhone. Did I ever tell you how much I love my iPhone? It's the best cellphone I've ever had, and that's just the phone part. All the other stuff makes it an incredible device. It's the fourth person of the trinity!I never look forward to these things, but I'm always glad I went. It's the connecting with others. It's like what research has discovered about therapy: people … [Read more...]