why my new site?

Some people are asking why I started another site, and if nakedpastor is going to suffer for it. Here's a 2 minute video explaining my reasoning behind it. Please take a look:So there you have it! I'm running 2 sites now. Nakedpastor is my dark side. Davidhayward my light side. Although both will carry aspects of both. Some people are calling davidhayward an online church and I'm the pastor. I'm not calling it that. Remember my love of labels? But you can call it what you want.I'm enjoying … [Read more...]

my new idea for you

After I left professional ministry in 2010 I got a good transitional position teaching English to international students at a local university. This was a very positive experience for me, but that season's over. I have been providing blogging and cartoons about the state of the Christian church as a labour of love for years and have been gratified to find that so many people around the world relate to my musings. I wonder now if there's a way for me to focus all of my attention on my work… s … [Read more...]