Life’s Tsunamis and the Four Stages of Denial

(*** Get a fine art reproduction of this cartoon!)I watched a very powerful and moving documentary on the great tsunami of 2004, "Tsunami Caught on Camera".What struck me most was the absolute bewilderment of the victims from beginning to end. I completely identified with these people and my heart was filled with empathy for them. The event was just so far off the radar of their experience and knowledge that they simply could not make it fit into their intellectual, emotional and even … [Read more...]

the five stages of deconstruction

If you don't know about the Kübler-Ross model of the stages of death and dying and grief, you should. I have it very helpful for all kinds of things. Including the deconstruction of faith and beliefs. Here's my own personal interpretation as they apply to my deconstruction:Denial: We are certain that the answer we have believed must work. Doubt may have entered in, but we're going to hold on faithfully to our beliefs. They've worked all these years and proven themselves true. Why fail us n … [Read more...]