the most effective means of control

* IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: All my art, including my original Sophias, are 40% OFF this weekend only. Go to MY STORE and use the coupon code "remember".Ok, so let's deconstruct this cartoon. This is the most effective way many try to control people. It is subtle and often not recognized as control or even manipulation or abuse. They shower you with what feels like love and kindness. So much so that they would be absolutely alarmed that you would think, feel, say or do anything that might even … [Read more...]

In Love and In Death

Is it possible to care for someone without having designs for him or her? Is it possible to love someone without having an agenda, no matter how glorious or noble? Is it possible to respect someone without having dreams or wishes for that person? These are very real questions that I ask. They are not hypothetical either, but real and urgent and necessary.Jesus got angry with the teachers because they were laying burdens upon the people, burdens no doubt birthed from the teachers' well-informed … [Read more...]

my church is not…

My church is not:its building its meetings its prayer its worship its teaching its reputation its leaders its plans its history its future...... and I get very tired of fighting off everyone and everything that would make me believe this. … [Read more...]

A Boy’s Disappointment

The reason those of us who keep looking for miracles, signs and wonders are called adulterous is because we want a god other than the one we already have.I had a bit of a revelation over the holidays. I saw myself as a little boy. My mind is filled with dreams and expectations and desires. They continuously get disappointed. So, as a result, my life is filled with disappointment. I don't see these expectations fulfilled. I am sad far too often. I've been advised over and over again that I need … [Read more...]