Happy Halloween from Sophia

This Sophia "Dive". She says Happy Hallween. Or HolyWeen. Or JesusWeen.The frivolity of her freedom is a delight to see. Isn't it?You can purchase the original or prints of "Dive" HERE.Did you know that members of davidhayward.ca get 50% OFF all my stuff, including Sophia originals, prints, cartoons, books, and more? That's a deal, btw.Treat yourself. It ain't no trick! … [Read more...]

dive to the depths

(This is a drawing I did of a woman being rescued by a pair of Northern Loons, a large aquatic bird that can dive to incredible depths.)Do not avoid the depths. You must dive. Yes, you must. You know you must go. Don't you? I can't say don't be afraid. Because they are dark and cold. And terribly, so terribly lonely. There are things there you've never seen. And things you never want to see. The risk is sometimes real, always great. But I think I can promise that your recovery shall come from … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Dive”

It took me hours and hours to finally beckon Sophia to cooperate and appear in my imagination. And this is what I saw. Without a doubt Halloween, Twilight and the moon is playing a major role in composing this image.This image of Sophia is haunting to me in another way. Legend has it that the apostle Peter was to be crucified, but he requested to be crucified upside-down so as not to be equal to Jesus.So this Sophia "Dive" is both full of courage and humility. Sophia is strong but doesn't … [Read more...]