mind of his own

Purchase this picture!Have you ever felt this way? Like maybe there was something seriously wrong with you? Like people really thought that maybe something had snapped inside your head? Like maybe you should see a doctor? Like maybe you'll hopefully get better soon? … [Read more...]

test results and the afterlife

I remember during my clinical pastoral education studies watching a short film about a man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I remember he had a wife and some teenaged children. In the face of his certain death he became fanatical about his belief in the afterlife and insisted that his family not be sad because he wasn't really dying but transferring to a better place. They weren't allowed to be sad or cry, even after he died. He insisted. We were shown the film as students because it was … [Read more...]


This is the kind of thing that would happen to me. You might say I did it to myself. Anyway, here's an example: I was young... around 23 years old. While I was in seminary my wife and I attended a small group in a home where we would worship, pray and study the bible together. I would say it was rather Pentecostal in orientation, but with a twist of seminary. One night several people requested prayer for loved ones dying with cancer. The group was about to pray for them to be healed like it was … [Read more...]

Hospital Life

Even though Jesse is 20 years old, he's still our baby. I always used to think that once your kids grew up and left home that all your worries were over. I learned fast that isn't the case at all. In fact, there problems and issues become more serious and worrisome. It is sad to see a vibrant, active and healthy young man laid up like this. They've finally moved Jesse to an internal medicine ward where doctors are more frequent. Yesterday he started to show some improvement. He's on antibiotics, … [Read more...]

Health, Institutions and Powers

I believe that the institution is one of the favorite embodiments for the principalities and powers. I've seen it here in the hospital like I've seen it in the church as well as other institutions we all are in contact with, such as the Government, the Post Office, Banks, Education, Law, the Family, the Army, etc...Although most institutions would say, "We are here for you!", this isn't necessarily true. Although this might be their stated reason for existence, this often isn't their operating … [Read more...]

Hospitals and Health Care

I'm exhausted. Lisa and I have been staying at the hospital on shifts with Jesse. Our semi-normal lives have been suspended while we try to get Jesse back to health. You might ask why the parents of a 20 year old man have been babysitting him 24/7. I'll tell you. In a nutshell, we've had to advocate for him and decent basic care every step of the way. It's been a grueling battle.He began feeling ill last Thursday night. That was the last time he ate or drank anything. Lisa took him into … [Read more...]