your religious self

As gorgeous as this stained glass mask is, rich in its religious beauty, meeting the hungry expectations of those you support with your belief... it is just a mask. Lower the hand that holds it, and see the world as it is. Drop the pretention. Yes, they may drop you. But it is you. It is you. Finally! You.(I saw this mask in a dream many years ago. It changed my life. Although the original is sold, you can buy a print of it HERE.) … [Read more...]

new artwork of Jesus “includer”

I finally finished this piece. It is done with graphite pencil, ink and colored pencil on heavy cotton rag paper. It measures 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).I call this "includer". I really don't feel like commenting on it. It speaks to me for itself. I hope it does for you as well.Own the original drawing! Or buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

Holy Saturday

My art and prints, including this one, are available for 50% OFF this weekend. Go HERE. … [Read more...]

Jesus Suffers Among Precious Stones

I had this image appear to me in a dream. It is Jesus suffering, lying on the ground, surrounded by precious stones. It was a powerful still image. The gems were bursting with color. I drew it the morning I awakened from the dream.I didn't know what it meant when I had it. I'm still not sure. But it evoked feelings of awe. It says something about the value of his suffering. It says something about its cost. It says something about the contrast of his suffering to the wealth of this world. It … [Read more...]

50% OFF Easter Sale

In celebration of Easter I'm putting all my art, drawings and cartoons, including originals and prints, on sale. Everything is 50% OFF until Easter Monday!Just CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY ONLINE GALLERY. Make your selections. Then type "EASTER" in the coupon code box.Please tell your friends! … [Read more...]


This drawing is one of my first Sophias. I remember the feelings I had when I was drawing it. There was something peaceful but at the same time foreboding about it. She looks confident. But at the same time she doesn't look safe. There is something very vulnerable about her here.It's not that she's naive. I think it's that she doesn't have a choice. She's escaped her bondage and is all alone. She must take this journey. It is going to take her down treacherous paths. She has to trust.So … [Read more...]

waiting for new life

"Talitha Koum" is what I call my drawing. It is based on Mark's account of Jesus raising the little girl from death. He pronounced over her "Talitha Koum", which means, "Little girl, arise!""Waiting" isn't really accurate. When you are dead you aren't aware of it. You are completely dead... spiritually, consciously, physically.But when you hear the call "Arise!". I have experienced what Paul calls "resurrection power". I cannot really categorize it. All I know is that once I was dead and now … [Read more...]


The story of Jesus being tempted by the devil for 40 days and nights in the desert is an incredibly risky story for Christianity.Why? Because it betrays the sheer humanity of Jesus. In religion, temptation is understood as the inclination to sin... the desire to perform an act that one may regret later. The inclination to sin? The desire to perform a regrettable act? Usually, in religion, the inclination to sin and the battle against desire are enough to get you disciplined or removed.Have … [Read more...]

Blinded by Scripture

I've always loved this story. So I drew my vision of it.I wanted to depict the childlike innocence of the boy Jesus standing before the austere elders. The scripture is being intently studied to check his accuracy. But I wanted the scriptures to actually blind the elders to Jesus who is standing right before them. Jesus seems to be casting light, but the scripture is blocking their vision and throwing them into the shadows of darkness and ultimately ignorance.Being blinded by scripture is a … [Read more...]

breaking free of the community

Sophia decided she had to make the definitive cut that tied her to the constrictive and controlling community. With one decisive swing of the axe, she separated herself and set herself apart. Of course, it would be interpreted as violent, rash, unnecessary and permanent, but this was the only way she could find her own mind, her own voice and even her own life... her right to be independent. It was a prophetic act against the community. But it was a prophetic act for herself. Within what one … [Read more...]