so Jesus and the Easter Bunny walk into a bar

I appreciate Derrida's notion about a gift. He says it's one thing to give a gift expecting something in return. That's the lowest form of gift. A better form of a gift is when you give a gift expecting nothing in return. An even better form of a gift is when you give a gift and the recipient doesn't even know you gave it to them. But the highest form of a gift is when the giver doesn't even know it was given.That sounds like the best definition of grace, doesn't it? It sounds kind of like, … [Read more...]

bad bunny

Christ versus culture. Culture always wins.Or... Christ in culture. Culture still wins.As long as we draw a line between sacred and secular we will misunderstand where the battle really is.The Holy Spirit actually is Christ in human affairs, manifesting in the impulse for truth, harmony, equality and freedom.In a word... love. … [Read more...]